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Why Your SEO Keyword Research Needs to Evolve & Focus on Topics

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For most of us, one of the first things we do when optimizing a site is to perform SEO keyword research. Millions of pixels and column inches have been spent outlining various different keyword strategies. SEO professionals spend millions of dollars each year to track keyword rankings, much to Google’s chagrin. The Evolving Search Query The […]

What Does It Mean to ‘Do SEO’?

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Several years ago, it became apparent that what we were doing wasn’t working. We were trying to create easy to understand SEO programs for potential clients, outlining what would be done each month on the prospect’s behalf should they sign on the dotted line. A typical monthly plan might look something like this: Optimization of […]

5 Things Every SEO Professional Should Be Thankful For

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Last week families gathered together to expand their waistlines while reflecting on collective bounties and giving thanks. While most of us in the industry didn’t fight over the wishbone of turkey together, our industry family has a lot to be thankful for. Things are far from perfect in the world of SEO, but this industry […]

Google’s Baby Algorithms: How to Think About Them for SEO

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Everything that is man-made is knowable. That includes the Google algorithm. But that doesn’t mean the algorithm is known. In the 20+ years, I’ve been doing SEO, I’ve seen thousands of theories around how the search engine algorithms work – specifically Google’s algorithm.Everyone from Ivy League PhDs to street smart elementary school dropouts search for a silver […]

Being Transparent With SEO Strategies and Tactics

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At WrightIMC, we will always be transparent with our SEO strategies and tactics. We don’t believe there are above-board, white hat SEO trade secrets. Disclaimer: We don’t reveal client trade secrets or details that we are asked to keep to ourselves – especially. The SEO strategies and tactics we employ as SEO professionals are an […]

PR and Advertising Folks: If you are threatened by SEO, you’re doing it wrong

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In the last six weeks, WrightIMC has lost several bids for contracts – not because of price, competition or capabilities. We lost because one or more of the influencers or decision makers felt threatened by the services we offer. In the recent cases, it was the public relations – or corporate communications – team that […]

Free SEO Browser Tools and Extensions

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I’m always on the lookout for cool tools that make life as an SEO a little easier. There are thousands of seo browser extensions out there that are pretty handy and some that are, well, not so much. I thought I would share with you some of the free browser extensions that I find useful […]

Google my Business VS. Google Places – What’s changed in 2014?

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Google My Business – What’s the Big Deal? Several days ago, Google dropped a bomb of a surprise on the search engine marketing community with the unveiling of its new “Google My Business” overhaul of its Google Places/Maps/Local/Plus Local hodgepodge of business services offerings. So, what’s new in Google My Business? Is this merely another addition […]

Sh#t My Offshore SEO ‘Guru’ Says

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Our CEO, Tony Wright, recently wrote an article titled “Cheap SEO Costs Too Much.” I’ve written similar sentiments before on other sites and in the Future of SEO, where I noted that Internet marketing is only going to get more expensive as companies have to divest themselves of cheap link-building tactics and get back to […]

Cheap SEO costs too much.

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It’s smart to be frugal. You want the best deal you can get. After all, if you can get something cheaper somewhere else, wouldn’t you? I understand. There are very few times when I buy a product, either online or in a store, that I don’t look for the best price. I mean, if I’m […]