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Website Design & Development

WrightIMC, a Website Design & Development agency, creates websites that build trust and exude credibility with your target audience. We use engaging images, produce original content, develop databases, and focus on ensuring that your web presence is not only a strong marketing tool but also an active participant in the sales process.

Our goal is to completely understand your business and exceed your expectations by delivering a website that is the epitome of your vision, while achieving your business and marketing goals.

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Showcasing Your Brand

We design your website to build a strong brand consistent with your reputation and expertise in your industry. We strategically position your company to ensure that your target audience perceives you as the leader in your field. Websites are developed to the highest quality, and deliver the image, functionality, navigation, and usability that will achieve your specific goals and objectives.

Conversions are Very Important

Building a website that reaches and connects with your target audience through high search rankings and visibility on the major internet search engines is crucial to your short- and long-term success. But, targeted traffic alone may not make a website successful.

WrightIMC will ensure that your website is built to be attractive, search engine friendly, and most importantly, to grow your business. We function as a business partner with our clients. The way we see it, if we help you to grow your business, you’ll help us to grow ours. We manage your web traffic for growth.


A site must incorporate solid usability within its design to ensure a high conversion rate from visitors, whether that conversion is a sale, the completion of a lead form, the downloading of a white paper, or the printing of a page. WrightIMC brings years of successful experience in usability to your project, with your goals at the forefront of each aspect of the design and development process.

Responsive Web Design

Is your website able to adjust to your customer’s different smart devices like smartphones, tablets, “phablets,” wearables, and more? In today’s ever-changing digital world, you need to make sure that no matter what device your site visitors or customers are using they will experience an easy and intuitive path to information and conversion. Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly with Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test.

WrightIMC will fix or build your website with a mobile-friendly theme that will be viewable on all modern mobile and tablet devices, while adhering to the new Google mobile-friendly algorithm. We use engaging images, produce original content, develop databases, and focus on ensuring that your web presence is not only a strong marketing tool, but also an active participant in the sales process.

Website Analytics

Because we approach business as a partnership, we continually monitor your results and provide necessary revisions to ensure your site propels your business to growth. Through web analytics services (Google Analytics), we provide you with detailed reports, available at all times, that review web traffic data on a granular level. That enables you to track, measure, and monitor traffic to maximize results.

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