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What is the ultimate point of all the time, money, and thought you put into your online presence? To tell your story. It’s a chance to tell the world what makes your company better than the competition. So, why should your potential customers choose you?

You don’t have much time. You’ve got about 20 seconds from the moment a visitor hits your page to tell your story and persuade them to take action. The story needs to be compelling, quick, and actionable in order to keep the visitors from bouncing off to some other site. Your stories can sell your products and services by engaging potential customers – by making them like what you’ve got to say.


Storytelling is one part art, one part science, and one part marketing experience. We have the sum of all of those parts at WrightIMC. We are experts at presenting your company to the right audience with the right message and a compelling call to action. How you ask? Remember all those fancy technology tools we keep talking about all over this website? Well, add to those tools a group of highly creative and technologically astute folks and you’ll be blown away at some of the stories we’ve helped tell.

Compelling Content

Content marketing is more than just social media and blog posts. It’s the overall umbrella of all your content and the building of your brand. It can be in any format you’d like – video, podcasts, infographics, user-generated content, newsletters – the list is endless. All it needs to do is attract your target audience. Easier said than done. That’s why you need people like us to help you create compelling content, put it in front of your target market – wherever they are, and build outstanding value for your brand and business.

Sharing Content

Content marketing doesn’t just stop at creating. It needs to be shared! The more times your content gets shared, the more eyeballs are seeing who you are and what you do. Also, your content needs to be measured. By analyzing statistics on your website and social platforms, we can see what engages your target audience and how to make it even better.

As your content is being created, shared, and measured you’ll grow your customer base, become an expert in your industry, and expand your brand. All of this will help the bottom line: sales.

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Why Choose WrightIMC

WrightIMC has been an SEO company in Dallas for more than seven years. We are leaders in several Dallas SEO, interactive marketing, and social media marketing associations such as DFWSEM, DFWIMA, and Social Media Dallas, as well as national organizations like SEMPO. We currently have board members for DFWSEM, SM Dallas, and SEMPO. You can also find us speaking at many different online marketing conferences like Pubcon, State of Search, SMX East, SMX West, and others. Please learn more about our leadership team, our recent awards, look at our portfolio of work – or, if you’re ready to talk to us about our SEO services fill out the form on this page or give us a call.