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Discover the difference of tailored PPC campaigns with WrightIMC. As proud partners of Google Adwords and Bing, we blend research and data to supercharge your PPC marketing. Dive deep into keyword optimization, strategic ad placements, and budgeting that promises a robust ROI.

Our PPC Management Journey:

  • Insightful Observations (Weeks 1-2): We delve into your site’s traffic, unearthing potential keywords and bidding strategies.
  • Strategic Adjustments (Week 3): Based on our findings, we fine-tune your campaign for better performance.
  • Optimization Overhaul (Starting Week 6): Experience transformative optimizations. From here, we establish a rhythm of regular reviews and refinements.


Dedicated PPC Monitoring & Insights

Stay ahead with our vigilant campaign assessments. Whether it’s adapting to search engine updates, evolving keywords, or refreshing creatives, we’ve got you covered. Receive monthly insights or customize the frequency and style of reports to suit your preferences.

Our Spectrum of Paid Search Services:

  • Standard PPC: Entrusted by top-tier brands to oversee substantial search ad budgets.
  • Retargeting & Remarketing: Re-engage past visitors with precision-targeted ads on platforms like Google and Facebook. Experience bespoke ads that resonate with your audience’s past interactions.
  • Google Shopping Mastery: With our Google Shopping Specialty Certification, we’re poised to amplify your sales.
  • Social Media Advertising: Launch impactful campaigns on platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and LinkedIn.
  • Amazon Marketplace Expertise: Dominate the vast Amazon landscape. We streamline your listings and integrate marketing automation for heightened sales and engagement.
  • Lead Generation Mastery: Benefit from our expertise in call tracking, marketing automation, funnels, drip campaigns, and list building.

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Step into the realm of finely-tuned PPC campaigns with us. Our mastery over major search engines and social channels ensures your brand shines brightest. Reach out at 469-277-8150 or info@wrightimc.com for a no-obligation PPC consultation.