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About Us – How WrightIMC Became Digital Marketing Experts

WrightIMC is a full-service digital marketing agency focused on providing optimal results through handcrafted marketing techniques. WrightIMC has been in business for more than 15 years, serving clients of all sizes – from Fortune 10 companies to start-ups. The agency has been on the Inc 500/5000 four times. While the agency is best known as a thought leader in the search engine marketing space, over the years it has evolved to provide excellent results in virtually every aspect of digital marketing. Our clients know us for our creative problem-solving approach that uses data and experience to exceed expectations and meet tangible, smart goals.

We didn’t build our agency overnight. Our team and foundation was created to set ourselves up for long-term success, which is the same approach we take for our clients. We’re a talented group that doesn’t believe in taking shortcuts. But we do believe that marketing should be fun and enjoyable, which helps us to think creatively and produce great work for our clients.


We Stay True to Our Story and Tradition

WrightIMC was founded in 2007 by Tony Wright. When asked why he chose to name his company “WrightIMC” he said, “If you look at the successful advertising agencies of the past, almost all had the principal’s name on the door. Most of the newer successful agencies use either an acronym or description as the name of their agency. By combining the acronym for Integrated Marketing Communication – what we actually do – with my name, I wanted to create a place where old school account service meets cutting edge strategy and tactics. In WrightIMC, we’ve done just that.”

Integrated Marketing Communications – the IMC in our name – means integrating all the right communications tools so that they work together in harmony to create a competitive advantage, boost sales and profits, save money, drive traffic, and promote a brand. An easy task? No way.


Why We Are SEO Experts

WrightIMC Team - Dallas SEO Experts

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way that business is done – forever, and most importantly, how your customers find you in the first place. If you intend to be found online by your potential customers, then you’d better have a plan because your competition does. At WrightIMC, we use the most current technology, bona fide subject matter seo experts and strategists, and a boat load of know-how that only comes from experience to not only give you that plan, but to create an honest-to-goodness difference in your bottom line.

If your customers can’t find you when they look for you, then it doesn’t matter how good you are. And, in today’s world, broadcasting a one-way message to an unknown and unquantifiable black hole of potential customers doesn’t work. True connectedness, engagement, and interaction are possible – and they convert people to customers.

We can do that – and we can prove it. When it comes to reaching your audience, the sum of your marketing and communications strategies is greater than the parts. That’s what WrightIMC does better than anyone else.

Single discipline agencies proliferate today. There are very few agencies that have real experience in the entire spectrum of communications disciplines. We do. We can make your company truly successful at engaging customers. And, that means more revenue. Period.