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We at WrightIMC, a seasoned Dallas-based Search Engine Optimization agency with a global footprint, are committed to providing robust and reliable search engine optimization services. Our SEO arsenal is equipped with many services, including local SEO, technical SEO, enterprise-level SEO, link-building, keyword research, and analytics implementation. We pride ourselves on creating strategy-driven solutions and employing long-term, sustainable tactics to ensure your online presence never falls prey to algorithmic penalties.

Unlike many agencies who claim expertise in Search Engine Optimization, we ensure our methods are relevant and successful, separating us from those still clinging to outdated tactics. Remember, great SEO isn’t an accident – it results from intentional and strategic website and content planning.

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The WrightIMC SEO Process: Your Path to Search Marketing Success

Our SEO process is iterative and robust, beginning with technical discovery and culminating in constant testing and optimization of on-page content. With WrightIMC, every step of the journey is meticulously planned and executed.

  1. Technical Discovery: Our journey begins with an in-depth technical SEO audit of your existing site.
  2. Link Building Strategy: Concurrently with the audit, we devise a strategic link-building approach, prioritizing low-volume, high-quality links.
  3. Implementation: After the audit, we implement the necessary changes for optimal SEO.
  4. Ongoing Reevaluation: We continue to assess both technical SEO and link building efforts throughout the engagement, adapting as needed.
  5. Content Strategy: Our team of seasoned copywriters create compelling content for both users and search engines.
  6. Technical SEO Consulting: Our experts address any code issues that could affect your site’s SEO performance.
  7. Optimizing Titles and Meta Descriptions: We conduct extensive keyword research and constantly test for increasing click-through rates.
  8. Creation of Strategy: We devise a comprehensive SEO strategy, keeping in mind the overall business goals, available resources, and your brand’s risk tolerance.
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WrightIMC "5 Cs" Approach: Our Unique Search Strategy

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Our SEO strategy is anchored in what we call the “5 Cs” – Code, Content, Connections, Communications, and Capture. Each element contributes to the optimization of your web presence over time.

  1. Code: Our first priority is to ensure your website’s code aligns with the best practices for SEO, user experience, usability, load speeds, analytics implementation, and general HTML programming. This forms the basis for a strong, search engine-friendly foundation.
  2. Content: The content on your website serves as a beacon, drawing potential customers towards your products or services while educating search engines about your offerings. We emphasize unique, informative, and frequently updated content to ensure the best results.
  3. Connections (links): High-quality backlinks and referring domains are integral to your business’ visibility in search engine results. We value quality over quantity and avoid spammy links that could negatively affect your rankings.
  4. Communications: While not directly linked to SEO, social media plays a significant role in fostering connections and generating backlinks. We believe in integrating SEO and social media for a comprehensive digital strategy.
  5. Capture (data): Without robust analytics, we cannot measure the success of our SEO efforts. We track everything from keyword performance to sales attribution, ensuring we’re always making data-driven decisions.


Why Choose WrightIMC as Your Search Marketing Partner?

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With over 15 years of experience, WrightIMC is a pioneer in the SEO landscape. We are recognized as a top SEO Agency by Clutch, Moz, and Credo, and our processes are considered industry benchmarks. When you partner with us, we dive deep into your online presence, analyzing and refining your code, content, and connections to forge a digital marketing strategy that aligns perfectly with your needs and goals. Our approach prioritizes your return on investment, constantly adjusting our tactics to provide the most beneficial results.

Measuring the Success of an SEO Campaign

We believe that success is measured by tangible results. We consider increased organic traffic, enhanced site engagement, and most importantly, boosted sales as key performance indicators of a successful search marketing campaign.

While rankings can be an informative metric, we believe that the ultimate test for success lies in analyzing sales from a comprehensive attribution modeling viewpoint, considering the role that SEO and other channels play in the customer’s journey on your site.

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We also offer a suite of complementary services to provide a holistic approach to your digital marketing strategy:

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