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WrightIMC is not your typical 9-5 agency. You won’t sit in a cubicle, all by your lonesome. You’ll be in the bullpen with a team, where you’ll be able to interact and get answers to your questions. Even though we are fully remote, WrightIMC is not just a company, we’re also a family. 

WrightIMC Group Picture - Careers in SEO & PPCYou will be required to use the creative side of your brain everyday at WrightIMC. Time is reserved every week to brainstorm new ways to promote our clients. From VPs to interns, every voice is heard, and if the idea is good, it gets the green light.

We have weekly talks on current trends within not only online marketing but the marketing industry as a whole.  We are encouraged to participate in regular networking events and admittance for any employee is paid by the company.

Our intern program is designed to better the candidates’ skills and knowledge of the field.  For example, each intern has the option of getting Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified at the company’s expense – a benefit to you, the company, and the client.  We also require each person (including interns) to become a Subject Matter Expert (SME) who demonstrates skills and proficiency in a specialized area of our industry.  For example, we have SMEs in PPC, analytics, technical SEO, affiliate marketing, and reputation management.  SMEs are given the opportunity to use company resources to go to conferences and/or purchase any learning material needed to know more about their designated subject matter.

Most of our team was hired originally as paid interns.  That is so we can train candidates on WrightIMC’s approach to holistic online marketing. As an intern, we expect you to be a part of the team. You won’t be making coffee runs or taking lunch orders. You’ll be given real work with real deadlines. Halloween Fun at WrightIMC - Careers in SEO & PPC

You are encouraged to use and improve your skills. A great way to do this is to network at the events you attend. For instance, if you are talented in social media and writing, we encourage you to use your skills to live blog and Tweet at those events. We even offer a monetary incentive to speak at events.

At WrightIMC, we are dedicated to our clients and our industry.  If this is a work environment you would like, send us your resume. We’re almost always hiring. Watch our social sites for the latest openings and how you can apply to work with our dynamic team.

Testimonials from Past Interns

Working at WrightIMC has been one of the best experiences of my life. Everybody at the office is open to sharing their knowledge and promote any new ideas that you might have. They’re really dedicated to providing the clients with high levels of expertise and dedication that are really hard to find anywhere else.

I gained so much knowledge during my stay there that I will be always grateful for have had the opportunity to work at WrightIMC

David Semprun

After spending two summers with WrightIMC, I couldn’t have asked for a better internship experience. Upon starting in June 2010, it became quickly evident to me that I was learning from some of the best and brightest in the field. There’s no such thing as “busy work” at WrightIMC. Every day presented new assignments and challenges. Questions were always encouraged as someone was always eager and ready to answer.

For all of these reasons and more, I was ecstatic to join the team once again in June 2011. The team had doubled in size, but the atmosphere hadn’t changed—still energetic and dedicated. Whether it was at the networking events or the weekly brainstorming sessions, I was always impressed by the team. One of the best things about working at WrightIMC was always being able to see the tangible results. And if they weren’t up to the team’s high standards, there was always a new game plan in place immediately.

I could not be more thankful to have worked with great, enthusiastic people who are truly committed to their clients and exceeding any and all expectations.

Sarah Nguyen

My internship at WrightIMC helped shape me into the tech savvy person I am today. As a Social Media Intern I was able to see how social networking can connect companies and individuals. It is vital that all companies, large and small, have a presence on multiple social networking sites so that they communicate to current and potential customers on the same channels. My writing and communication skills were also greatly improved during my time at WrightIMC. I have to say though the best part of this internship was my colleagues. It was the amazing team at WrightIMC that made my experience truly memorable and I look forward to seeing the wonderful things they do in the future.

Ashley Fourcand