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The Great Google/SEO Communications Conundrum

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Google is certainly good at throwing wrenches into SEO processes. Google likes to channel their inner coach from the movie “Dodgeball”. “If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.” – Patches O’Houlihan. Patches O’Houlihan might as well be Google’s John Mueller, throwing heavy metal objects at SEO professionals. One such recently hurled […]

Digital Extortion: Don’t Let Your Data Be Held Hostage

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Recently, our firm took over the digital marketing efforts for a small company. Their previous digital marketing efforts were led by a large, multi-national corporation that formerly specialized in Yellow Page advertising. As we went about our onboarding checklist, we ran into a snag. The small business had never had direct access to their Google Analytics […]

What Is the Best Way to Track Organic Conversions?

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Best Way to Track Organic Conversions This seemingly simple question has a lot of answers. And as with many questions surrounding SEO, the overarching answer is – it depends. On the surface,the best way to track organic conversions is pretty straightforward. Most SEO professionals use Google Analytics to track conversions. Google Analytics is simple to […]

My SEO Santa List

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Here is my SEO Santa list of items I will be asking for Christmas. 1. Can you talk to Google about the “merge and purge” issues in the local listings? You could save me so much time if you could just get them to stop changing addresses and phone numbers randomly. 2. Maybe I’m asking […]

The Super Bowl of Unrealistic SEO Expectations

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SEO for Wix Is a Nightmare I don’t need to write out the pros and cons of doing SEO on a Wix site. My good friend Kristine Schachinger has already done that here. Schachinger’s article is a must-read for anyone interested in this topic. I have experience trying to make a Wix site rank for […]

Winter Is Coming: SEO During Economic Downturns

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I started my agency in 2008. That year, I attended the SMX conference at the Javitz Center in New York City. It was during this conference that the Dow plunged, suffering its worst points loss in history. I sat looking at the New York skyline, expecting to see stockbrokers jumping out of windows. Fortunately, I […]

Take a Stand: Building Links Through Social Responsibility

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A number of years ago, I conducted a rather ambitious research project to find out how consumer preferences were affected by a brand’s social stance. While I certainly didn’t conclusively answer whether a brand should take a stand, I did come to one concrete conclusion: A brand that takes a social stand almost always sees […]

4 Link Building Ideas That Won’t Get You Into Hot Water

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I’m hearing lots of talk in the SEO community questioning the value of building links. The current SEO trends seem to be leaning toward focusing on the technical aspects of SEO and leaving link building as an afterthought – or not a thought at all. I think technical SEO is extremely important and a great technical SEO professional is […]

Do These 5 Things & You Will Rank Higher Than Your Competitor

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Yes, You Can Do SEO Yourself by Learning the SEO 5C’s SEO is not rocket science. SEO is more akin to plumbing. Anyone can learn how to fix a sink by watching a bunch of YouTube videos. But you better be sure that you have the time and patience to learn how to fix that […]

Why Your SEO Keyword Research Needs to Evolve & Focus on Topics

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For most of us, one of the first things we do when optimizing a site is to perform SEO keyword research. Millions of pixels and column inches have been spent outlining various different keyword strategies. SEO professionals spend millions of dollars each year to track keyword rankings, much to Google’s chagrin. The Evolving Search Query The […]