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Do These 5 Things & You Will Rank Higher Than Your Competitor

Yes, You Can Do SEO Yourself by Learning the SEO 5C’s

SEO is not rocket science. SEO is more akin to plumbing. Anyone can learn how to fix a sink by watching a bunch of YouTube videos. But you better be sure that you have the time and patience to learn how to fix that sink correctly, or you are likely going to have to fix it again or call someone who knows how to fix it. And there’s always the very strong possibility, no matter how many YouTube videos you watch, that you’ll make a mistake and end up with a flood that Noah would be proud of. SEO is the same way. You can learn how to do it yourself. There are plenty of great resources for learning the SEO 5C’s. But here’s the rub. If your time is worth anything, and you don’t want to risk the proverbial water damage that your site might endure, hiring a competent SEO professional is probably worth the money.

The SEO 5C’S

Over the years, I’ve worked hard to try and explain the complex dance we call SEO in simplified terms. It’s not an easy task. In working to explain SEO in a simple form, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are five c’s of seo, that if done better than any other site, will almost guarantee ranking above the competition.

1. Code

Having good underlying code is the first SEO 5C, but it won’t get you rankings. But not having good underlying code will keep you from ranking. The forward-facing code on your site is what the major search engine crawlers look at. Your focus should be on making your forward-facing code as frictionless as possible for the crawlers. I’m not going to go into how to do this. Frankly, I don’t have the time nor the vast amount of pixels that would be required to tell you how to fix your site’s code. There are tons of resources, including Youtube videos, out there that will provide you with information on how to provide proper code that works well with the major search engines.

2. Content

Content is an unpredictable king. Benevolent one minute, wrathful the next; and mostly ineffective if not continually shaped and molded. Your content has to communicate your company’s unique selling proposition using the words that people who are looking for your goods and services are most likely to type into a search engine. And this isn’t 2003.

3. Connections

Google was founded on the principle that links to a website are the best indicator of a site’s relevance to a specific query. The algorithm has changed a lot over the years, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a legitimate SEO that doesn’t think links still matter. I’ve written in the past why I think public relations professionals make great SEOs. And I’m a firm believer in the fact that link building is best focused on quality rather than quantity.

4. Communications

We talked about connections, and how building relationships is the ideal way to build links. But how do we cultivate those relationships? Currently, the best way to cultivate relationships with the right influencers is by communicating and interacting on social media. Plus, having a robust and effective social media presence helps with a brand’s recognition. Brand recognition helps site’s get clicks in search engine results. For instance, if there are three sites that show up at the top for a specific query, my bet is on the one with the highest name recognition getting the click, regardless of position. Brand recognition can make a #3 listing as effective as a #1 listing.

5. Capture

Effective SEO does not live in a vacuum. Frequently, clients want to appear high for a specific keyword because, intuitively, they feel being rankings for that keyword will make all of their dreams come true. Frequently, these clients are wrong. In many cases, it’s difficult to completely understand the intent of a searcher intuitively.

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