Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It seems like every digital agency now claims to do Search Engine Optimization. Website design shops, departments within traditional agencies, and cheap overseas “agencies” all profess to be SEO experts. Most of them barely know the basics or are using tactics that haven’t been successful or relevant for years. You have to do your research to find out who can really deliver on modern, long-term SEO.

WrightIMC is one of only two Dallas area online marketing agencies to be on the Moz Recommended List. We’ve also been recognized as among the top SEO consultants in the world by Clutch. These exclusive lists don’t guarantee that WrightIMC will be the perfect partner for every client, but they are proof that we do excellent work.

Search engine optimization is essential for potential new customers to see your business in search engine results. When they search for keywords related to your products and services, Google, Yahoo! and Bing want that to happen “naturally.” But, naturally rarely happens. Companies must be intentional about their websites and content for search engines to rate them highly.

At WrightIMC, we’ve created reliable processes and techniques to assist clients in every aspect of SEO. Some of these include local SEO, technical SEO, enterprise-level SEO, link-building, keyword research, analytics implementation, and more. We’ve created solution-driven strategies and pursue solid tactics that are sustainable over the long term. Our strategies will never cause you to be hit by a manual or algorithmic penalty. We focus on what we call the “3 Cs”-  Code, Content, and Connections, and over time it will optimize your web presence.

The WrightIMC Approach to SEO


We want to ensure that your website’s code follows best practices for SEO, user experience, usability, load speeds, analytics implementation, split testing, and general HTML programming. This ongoing element of our strategy ensures that we build and maintain a foundation that meets the needs of both your customers and search engines, as well as allowing us to measure your goals and objectives.


The content on your business website is crucial for helping to educate potential customers and attracting them to buy your products or services. It also tells search engines about your products and services so that the algorithms can determine when to show your website as a link to searchers. Content should always be unique, informative, and updated often in order to prevent penalties and help your business appear in search engine results.


Backlinks and referring domains play a crucial role in helping your business compete with competitors for search engine results space. Google is adamant that backlinks should be natural, not purchased, and should exist on other reputable sites. Spammy links can boost your rankings in the very short term, but they will get caught – and the search engines will punish your site by dropping it in the rankings. WrightIMC strongly believes in quality over quantity, and we will never pursue any link-building tactic that will affect your website negatively.

Our Unique Process

Search engines are constantly evolving. WrightIMC’s passion and foundation is to evolve with them. We digest these changes as they happen, and we adjust our processes accordingly. Our current process is considered by many to be the standard in the search engine marketing industry. Our process is the backbone of every SEO program we undertake for clients.

When you sign on with us for SEO, we do a deep dive into your website and your overall online footprint. We dig through and analyze your current code, content, and connections, which we then document. We use the information to provide easy and actionable recommendations that will solve issues. With these recommendations, WrightIMC creates an online marketing strategy that fits your business, its needs, and your current short and long-term goals. After the strategy is approved, WrightIMC starts with our core processes, undertaking the most helpful tactics first, and shifting deliverables on a monthly basis to ensure we are maximizing the return on our work. We report our efforts, the results, and our on-going recommendations to you on a monthly basis.

SEO can also greatly benefit from integration with the following services we provide. Every good online marketing plan requires a holistic approach to advertising, public relations, and SEO. Click the links to find out more about them.

Why Choose WrightIMC

WrightIMC has been a digital marketing company in Dallas for more than 11 years. We are leaders in several Dallas SEO, interactive marketing, and social media marketing associations such as DFWSEM, DFWIMA, and Social Media Dallas, as well as national organizations like SEMPO. We have previously been board members for DFWSEM, SM Dallas, and SEMPO. You can also find us speaking at many marketing conferences like Pubcon, State of Search, SMX East, SMX West, and others. To learn more about our leadership team, our recent awards, or to see our portfolio of work please check out the respective pages here on our website.

If you’re ready to talk to us about our SEO services, please fill out the form on this page or give us a call.