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Digital Marketing News Roundup – September 17, 2021

Digital Roundup - A collection of images.This past week, VP of Operations, Elmer, and SEO Intern, Danielle, spent two days of digital marketing learning at Digital Summit Detroit. Elmer also did a presentation on SEO content strategy on Thursday afternoon. We’ll have a report on that event soon.

In the meantime, here are a couple of items we caught during the week of September 13, 2021:

Morgan Henderson of Portent shared some great tips on “How To Work With The Media in Digital PR” on the Portent blog. Digital PR skills are essential for people working in online reputation management, but also in SEO. Promoting website content and earning links are critical parts of both areas.

On Friday, an SEO and content marketing expert for KBB.com and Autotrader.com, Melissa Fach, spotted some shifts in how Google displays information on auto-related searches. From what is shown in the screenshots she shared on Twitter, it appears that Google is seeking to replicate information about specific models of vehicles. These are called “Year, Make, Model” or “YMM” searches in the industry. Screen shot of search results from an automotive query on Google taken September 18, 2021This new SERP display would not require users to click out of Google to another page to get the information. The screenshot here shows an example of similar search results on mobile.

Much like how Google took over search results in travel businesses, it appears they are aiming at the auto industry next. If this test is implemented fully, it will undoubtedly lead to significant losses in traffic to the auto manufacturer websites and 3rd party automotive sites like KBB.com, Edmunds.com, and others.

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