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WrightIMC to Offer Free Photo Headshots and Site Clinics at Pubcon Las Vegas 2014

  Your photo headshot is an important part of your online brand. An effective photo can help make the right impression particularly on LinkedIn. A LinkedIn profile that has a photo is 11 times more likely to be viewed, according to the professional networking website. It’s critical that your photo conveys professionalism and confidence.  If […]

Amazon’s Ad Network is Not a Game Changer

Many may have seen something about the Amazon ad networks online advertising. This is not a game-changer. Amazon is part of Google’s Search Partner Network. That means that users running ads on Google Search may have their ads appear on Amazon search result pages. With this move, Amazon will only be cutting into Google’s market […]

Using On-Page Research for Content Strategy

Whether you’re building a new site or optimizing an existing one, you should be aware of what your competitors are doing in terms of their websites’ content strategy and optimization. Why? Because you are competing with them for the same visitors. In the new era of OC/DC, it’s all about content strategy, and how we […]

Re-visiting Panda 4.0

It’s been a little more than a month since Google released its Panda 4.0 update. eBay, History.com, and Biography.com are among some of the recognizable websites that were affected by the algorithm change. Some businesses may still be trying to determine if their websites were affected by Panda 4.0. It will be awhile before the […]

Are You an Internet Marketer or a Search Optimizer? The Difference is in the Profits

To start with, this is not meant to blast anyone or claim that people aren’t what they claim to be. However, I wanted to walk through the concepts of what an internet marketer needs to learn to become real professional marketers. According to Wikipedia [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marketing], marketing is defined as “the process of communicating the value […]

Evaluating Your Content in the Wake of Panda 4.0

With Google announcing a major update to its Panda algorithm this week, no doubt some businesses have had a knee-jerk reaction and want to overhaul their content. But, before taking action too swiftly, remember that it may be a while before we understand the full impact of this recent update. In the meantime, take a […]

WrightIMC and Clients Sweep DFW Awards Shows

We have big news to announce today and several WrightIMC clients to congratulate. Last night at the Dallas/Fort Worth American Marketing Association Marketer of the Year awards, WrightIMC and Kalkomey won Best Social/Viral Campaign for the 2013 Hunter-ed.com social media marketing campaign. The DFW AMA panel of judges also judged the Kalkomey campaign to be […]

Google Updates Part 3: Hummingbird Update

Welcome to our wrap up regarding Google’s menagerie of animal-themed updates. During the past couple of weeks, we’ve dug through the most important and impactful Google algorithm updates, Panda and Penguin. To recap,  Google designed the Panda update to analyze a website’s content and backlink profiles, and then punish any who did not produce high-quality, […]