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Help A Reporter Spam? Is Google Targeting Help a Reporter Out(HARO) Links?

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My friend Bill Hartzer has created quite a kerfuffle in the SEO industry over the last couple of days. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up, Bill has been working with a client after their site received a manual penalty from Google for unnatural links – for the non-SEOs among us, that means […]

Relax Everyone. Google’s Paid Data Isn’t Going Away

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I’m sure everyone has read the updates about Google blocking paid search data: Not Provided Slams Paid Search. Here it comes, the sky is falling. Nothing will be the same. Well, my suspicion is that it won’t be so bad. Let me walk you through it… This is about queries, not keywords: In an organic […]

7 New Features That Prove Facebook is Serious about Increasing Engagement

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For those of us who are never far from their personal, company or client Facebook pages, we often notice updates right away. On the other hand, it’s pretty easy to miss new features or changes when they come fast and furious. Over the past several months, Facebook has rolled out mini-updates on the user and […]

State Of Search Wrap Up Part 1

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Let’s talk about the DFWSEM State of Search Conference that took place last week.  I’ve had a few days to reflect on the epic awesomeness of the conference, and there are some great take-aways from the day.  As I started writing this, I realized there was so much quality information to be shared that I […]

The State of Search with Google and Bing

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In the final meeting of DFWSEM, representatives from both Google and Bing present tonight on the state of search.  But first, a quick introduction by Mark Barrera. The Future is Now Five points that search marketers need to target today: Mobile Personalization Social Local Search Behavioral Targeting “If you are not focused on these, you aren’t […]

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know, So Ask Someone Who Does.

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SEO Questions Don’t role your eyes at my cliché. It’s stunning how true it is. In more than a decade of working with clients who need creative solutions to business problems, this must be the one thing that never ceases to stump me: People aren’t asking enough SEO questions. I presume that people focus so […]

Linkbuilding in 2011

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Many webmasters and SEO junkies preach the importance of linkbuilding. They throw out terms such as meta tags, directory submissions, and page url’s. And while these all do hold value of some sort, are they really that valuable? Google and other search engines have never sat idly while spam techniques were exploited, and they certainly […]

Google+ at One Week Old

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Today is my seventh day using Google+. That’s not bragging – I didn’t get an invite until two days after it launched. The horror! Seriously, I’m the guy who vowed to abstain from Facebook in perpetuity because of its bad privacy policy and terms of service, as well as the inability to keep my various […]

Google Analytics: How to Export All Keywords to CSV File

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If you’re using Google Analytics, it is likely that you already understand the power of knowing the keywords that brought visitors to your site. Keyword research is a powerful tool, and getting all of your keywords into a CSV file for easy reading is critical. The new version of Google Analytics that is currently in beta […]