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Google Analytics: How to Export All Keywords to CSV File

If you’re using Google Analytics, it is likely that you already understand the power of knowing the keywords that brought visitors to your site. Keyword research is a powerful tool, and getting all of your keywords into a CSV file for easy reading is critical. The new version of Google Analytics that is currently in beta mode limits the number of keywords you can export at a time to 500 keywords. This is extremely cumbersome if you have a lot of data. WrightIMC has researched the issue and discovered exactly how to get every single keyword into the same CSV file.

Opening your Keywords

Open Google Analytics (the new version) and head to that navigation bar on the left. Follow the screenshot below and click on Traffic Sources > Search > Overview

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From here you will need to view the keyword tab, found at the top of the report. You will see on the bottom that you can only show up to 500 rows, even though the number right beside it might indicate that you have way more than 500. Keyword Tab

The Hack: Loading the Keywords

This is the part where you can put on your hacker hat. Within the address URL bar, locatetable.rowCount%3D10. The field will belong, and the table row count could be anywhere in the string. Copy and paste the field into a text editor and use the find feature to make your life easier. When you find that segment of the string replace the 10 (or whatever number it happens to be) to the number to the amount of keywords you wish to export.  In our example, we’re using 50000.

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Note: If you don’t see “table.rowCount%3D500…”, you will need to change your “Show Rows” setting to anything greater than 10. It is located at the bottom of the page.


Press Enter. You’ll then head down to the Export tab and click CSV.

CSV, Google, Google analytics, keywords, keyword research, export

Please note: This may take a long time to load. You could check out our other interactive marketing blog posts to kill some time (/shamelessplug). When the file is finished loading, not only will you have as many keywords as you desire in CSV form, but you will have also successfully hacked Google Analytics beta! You have the full Google Analytics PDF file and can look at your keywords much easier.  
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