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WrightIMC boasts 98.5% client retention in 2021

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For the 4th year in a row, WrightIMC has attained a more than 90% client retention rate, with a 98.5% retention in 2021. Client retention is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency. Agencies with high retention rates are, by definition, keeping their clients happy. In today’s landscape, […]

WrightIMC Day at Digital Summit Detroit

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Digital Summit Detroit was an in-person conference held at the TCF Center on September 15th and 16th. The TCF Center is located on Detroit’s waterfront. The large windows facing south offer some excellent views of the ships heading up and down the river as well as Windsor, Ontario, Canada just to the south. WrightIMC’s two […]

It’s A Wrap: Pubcon Florida 2021

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Pubcon Florida 2021 was held August 3-5, 2021, in sunny Miami, Florida. The event was held at the Kovens Conference Center on the Florida International University Biscayne Bay Campus. A great deal of new and excellent information was shared by the speakers, including WrightIMC CEO Tony Wright and VP of Operations Elmer Boutin. 2 sessions […]

WrightIMC Represents at Digital Summit Detroit 2021

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In-person conferences are coming back! The Digital Summit series is no exception. WrightIMC’s Elmer Boutin will take the stage during this year’s Digital Summit Detroit event, held September 15 and 16, 2021, at the TCF Center. Elmer’s session is titled “Performing Consumer Research-Oriented Organic Search.” It will help those in attendance understand some of the […]

Why Working with a Digital Marketing Agency Benefits Your Business

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In the time of big data, it’s important to understand how we have changed the way we communicate. There is so much to learn in the dynamic field of digital marketing, and the digital age has created an entirely new problem-how do we have time to learn it all? New software and social platforms, tools […]

Help A Reporter Spam? Is Google Targeting Help a Reporter Out(HARO) Links?

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My friend Bill Hartzer has created quite a kerfuffle in the SEO industry over the last couple of days. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up, Bill has been working with a client after their site received a manual penalty from Google for unnatural links – for the non-SEOs among us, that means […]

CES Gadgets and the Future of Internet Marketing

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Since 1967 the CEA (Consumers Electronics Association) has been putting on the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) during the second week of January. The CES is held for companies in the tech industry to show off their latest work for their peers and the public to see. If you’re a tech lover like me, you’re […]

Digital Marketing Agencies – Today’s Non-Tangible KPIs

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After a couple of decades, most of us understand that the online landscape is going to be ever-changing. Internally, businesses are beginning to appreciate the amount of ongoing effort it takes to maintain online visibility – and the power of good online marketing. Many businesses now understand that they need to be versed in terms such […]

Looking For An Internship With A Full Service Digital Marketing Agency?

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The process of finding an internship is a tough one, especially for a college student who wants to gain experience. In an economy where most people are struggling to find work, a digital marketing agency internship can be one of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself, your future career and your future […]

What Michael Scott AND WrightIMC Have Taught Me

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It’s Valentine’s Day! We all know the greatest love story of ALL TIME is Michael and Holly from NBC’s, The Office. When Michael Scott finally met his perfect match (Holly, not Jan) I couldn’t have been happier for him (except I hated him at the same time for leaving Dunder Mifflin).  Although Michael Scott is no longer a part […]