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It’s A Wrap: Pubcon Florida 2021

Pubcon Florida 2021 was held August 3-5, 2021, in sunny Miami, Florida. The event was held at the Kovens Conference Center on the Florida International University Biscayne Bay Campus. A great deal of new and excellent information was shared by the speakers, including WrightIMC CEO Tony Wright and VP of Operations Elmer Boutin.

2 sessions in particular that were packed with excellent information were by Fabrice Canel and Sharon Peng, both of Microsoft. Fabrice shared some excellent insights into how Bingbot crawls websites and details about the relatively new URL submission plugin for WordPress websites. Sharon talked about the Microsoft Clarity application that tracks user behavior on websites. This is a free product that builds heatmaps for web pages and shares recordings of users as they traverse a website. These two tools are quite valuable, and the Wright IMC team has already started using them on sites they support.

Tony’s digital PR and online reputation management session with Lisa Buyer of The Buyer Group went over quite well. Tony’s chat got a very nice mention in the SEMRush All-Stars group on Facebook. We’d link to it, but it’s a private group. Nicolino Carmosino, one of the admins, kindly allowed us to share a photo of Tony and Lisa. In the picture above, Tony is sharing a quote he is well known for when discussing proactive reputation management, “Trying to do PR during a crisis is like trying to eat healthy during a heart attack.” It’s a great reminder that good reputation management starts long before a crisis. Being proactive helps prepare you for the inevitable bumps in the road.

Lisa shared a great Pubcon roundup along with Kassie Meiler in her “Social PR Secrets” podcast:

Elmer’s session on content with Micheal King of iPullRank was also very well received. There was a very nice summary of the session in this Pubcon roundup by Kassie Meiler of GOAT Social Media. Elmer was also featured in a “Local Search Tuesday” video, part of a series done by Greg Gifford of SearchLab.

If you’re interested in hearing Tony or Elmer speak in person, two opportunities are coming up. Elmer will be speaking at Digital Summit Detroit on September 16, 2021. Tony will present at Digital Summit Dallas, which will be held December 8-9, 2021.

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