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WrightIMC Day at Digital Summit Detroit

Digital Summit Detroit LogoDigital Summit Detroit was an in-person conference held at the TCF Center on September 15th and 16th. The TCF Center is located on Detroit’s waterfront. The large windows facing south offer some excellent views of the ships heading up and down the river as well as Windsor, Ontario, Canada just to the south.

WrightIMC’s two newest team members, VP of Operations, Elmer Boutin, and SEO Intern, Danielle Herwig, were in attendance for some excellent digital marketing training in several 30-minute sessions across the two days of the event. On Thursday, Elmer shared a presentation on human-centered and data-driven SEO content for websites. This is a topic he speaks on quite often so others can better understand how human-centered design combined with search data will power websites to better connect with customers.

There was a lot of great information shared by all the speakers. Here are some highlights:

One of the keynote speakers, Jon Youshaei, talked about the “Beyoncé Method,” and how the performer directly connects her audience to the things that inspire her to form a stronger connection with them. This is done by what Jon called “Copy With Taste, Not Copy and Paste.” Beyoncé sometimes uses content that connects with her, remixes it to share while always giving credit to the original.

Another keynoter, David Shing – a.k.a. Shingy, talked about how brands need to transform to be unique and express themselves to their target audience. It’s important, he said, to build good content and put it in good places.

Cole Bednarski with Human Element shared some great SEO tips. The best piece of advice is to take a holistic approach to website projects.

Connor Bowman of Dealer Inspire gave his take on keyword research for SEO strategy. He recommended taking an actionable approach and executing a plan that targets relevant users.

Juntae DeLane of Digital Delane had some excellent insights on the “new normal” and how to embrace pivots in culture shifts and consumer journeys. He used a case study of Wendy’s branding on social platforms and how they adjusted over the past several months.

Hannah McNaughton of Metric Marketing had some excellent tips on creating content that ranks. She suggested it’s often best not to target “short tail” searches that are extremely competitive but to look for those “long tail” queries that don’t have a lot of search volume. Those are often more targeted can bring in more qualified traffic for your business.

Michelle Stinson-Ross with Mindful Apply shared great ideas on how emotions affect decision-making and offered some ways to measure the emotional “temperature” of an organization.

WrightIMC will be represented at Digital Summit Dallas, December  8-9, 2021. CEO Tony Wright will present a session on proactive online reputation management during turbulent times. If you’re in the area, you’ll want to attend this one!

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