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How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing is a pivotal tool for businesses seeking to establish an online presence and foster meaningful engagements. Through the strategic circulation of information, brands can forge connections with their target audiences in ways that traditional advertising rarely can.  This article explores the art of content marketing, unraveling its importance and execution. This article aims […]

Why Content is Still King in Digital Marketing

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Creating relatable content is the key to resonating with your audience. While we are living in an era of interconnectivity, the role of content has become the backbone of effective communication for your brand.   This analysis dives into the significance of content marketing, explaining its multifaceted benefits – from fostering trust and educating audiences to […]

Why Digital Advertisers Deserve Access to WhatsApp Data (and why users should be on board)

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One of the world’s leading social media apps, WhatsApp, remains largely inaccessible to digital advertisers. This is a disservice to both users of the app (who would benefit from an improved online experience) and to digital marketers (who currently have a limited viewpoint on their campaigns). WhatsApp is a leading platform for content sharing North […]

Your Website – Another Business Asset

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What’s a business asset? Most of you reading this can answer that question immediately. If you own or manage a business and are asked, you can likely list off quite a few things that are assets of your business. Investopedia defines a business asset as … an item of value owned by a company. Business […]

Why Working with a Digital Marketing Agency Benefits Your Business

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In the time of big data, it’s important to understand how we have changed the way we communicate. There is so much to learn in the dynamic field of digital marketing, and the digital age has created an entirely new problem-how do we have time to learn it all? New software and social platforms, tools […]

Be Secure..Or Else! – Google’s Chrome Forcing SSL Adoption

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Imagine a potential client, customer, or subscriber attempting to sign up for your email list and receiving the following message, “This site is NOT SECURE.” Do you think they will readily share their private information with such a site? Beginning October 2017, this scenario will be reality for Google Chrome users. Google explained, “The new […]

People Buy What You Do, Not Why You Do It

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I don’t know if marketers tell more lies to their clients … or themselves. I think the disingenuousness of modern marketing stems from a need to justify what it is. People need stuff to live, you make money from selling this stuff, and marketing gets people to buy your stuff. As long as humans have […]

6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

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Digital Marketing trends continued to rapidly evolve in 2014 to keep up with more engaged consumers. Mobile marketing soared. Native advertising continued its rocketing rise to dominance. Google released Panda 4.0. Google also introduced another algorithm update, aimed at local search, known as Pigeon. And, the Big Data chant picked up  So, what’s in store […]

How to Avoid Having Your Data Held Hostage

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Imagine that you detect a few issues with the accounting firm that manages your books. You decide to hire a third party to independently review their work. However, when you request access to your books, the firm refuses to provide it. As a business owner, you might be compelled to fire or even sue this […]

Why Aren’t You Using Call Tracking Already?

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I believe that dynamic call tracking is one of the best resources a company can have if the company supports leads over the phone. It can help solve many problems, including provide proper attribution, and it saves companies far more than the minimal monthly fees. In full disclosure, I receive no rewards or benefits from, […]