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WrightIMC Changes Name to Reflect Offerings

WrightIMC announced today that it is changing its name to better reflect the full-scope of services available from the firm. The firm’s new name will be WrightIMC.

The name change – actually more an acronym definition change – highlights the firm’s evolution from an “interactive marketing consultancy” into a full-service “integrated marketing communications” agency. The IMC in WrightIMC, which formerly stood for Interactive Marketing Consultancy, now stands for Integrated Marketing Communications.

“For the past three years, WrightIMC has been known as an interactive marketing consultancy, providing clients with cutting edge solutions for search engine marketing, website design, social media and other online marketing services,” said Tony Wright, CEO and Founder of WrightIMC. “We found that, by utilizing consumer insight research from search query data as well as listening to the buzz on social networks, we can craft highly effective traditional advertising – print, radio and television – that communicates to and captivates a fragmented audience, which spends an increasing amount of time online.”

Consumer response to marketing messages is evolving – not just online, but offline as well. In response to this, WrightIMC has created the proprietary “Results.Give.Knowledge.” methodology. This methodology hinges on the philosophy that the results garnered through interactive means – common search queries, social media buzz and other online interactions – give the knowledge a company needs to create the most effective overall marketing strategy. By using an integrated marketing approach, WrightIMC is uniquely positioned to help organizations present a comprehensive and consistent message to consumers, customers, constituents and clients. This messaging is based on research into the online interactions of each client’s unique audience.

Tony Wright

“The move to an integrated approach was dictated by client demand,” said Wright. “Having one firm guiding the overall strategy of all marketing channels makes sense. Specialists are great at what they do, but many times end up working in a vacuum – not seeing the big picture. Whether we provide all of the services, or work with other agencies to ensure the over-arching goals are achieved, our integrated marketing methodology means a better bottom line to our partners and clients.”

Over the last several months, WrightIMC has made several key hires to bolster its traditional advertising capabilities. Seasoned advertising and public relations personnel are working with WrightIMC’s experienced interactive marketers to craft innovative interactive marketing communications strategies and tactics. Look for press releases highlighting some of these key hires in the coming weeks.

WrightIMC has always been committed to providing a solid, measurable return on investment for its clients. The firm has maintained that commitment as it has increased its integrated marketing offerings. Of course, WrightIMC maintains its leadership in interactive marketing – particularly search engine marketing – and will continue to offer those individual services to clients who don’t desire an integrated approach.

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