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Customer-Obsessed Culture Winning in the Age of Declining Customer Service

Customer-Obsessed Culture: Winning in the Age of Declining Customer Service 

Customer-Obsessed Culture: Winning in the Age of Declining Customer Service

The state of customer service has declined with the rise of tech-based solutions proving the dependency on technology hasn’t solved the human equation. In fact, 65% of consumers say if a brand engages with them on social, they’re more likely to become a customer.  52% of publishers see a decline in social traffic. The average reach of an organic Facebook post is only 2%.

So, why are companies simply pushing out content and not connecting with their potential prospects? Do they know they will NOT see the same type of success as those who DO engage with their customers?

Zappos is one of the most followed companies on Twitter with 2.75 million followers. Inc. magazine named Zappos “an e-commerce juggernaut — and one of the most blissed-out businesses in America.”

Zappos philosophy:  “Technology is starting to replace many conventional human interactions, but we all know robot customer service reps fall short. And not meeting your customers’ expectations has a damaging and lasting impact on your brand. As customer service standards continue to dip, delivering outstanding customer care is a truly fantastic way to differentiate your company from the rest of the herd.”

Zappos does things differently. Their customer service is legendary, and it truly differentiates them from the competition. For instance, Zappos places no time limit on customer support calls. The longest call reported is 10 hours 29 minutes. That’s a lot of customer service!

Employees are encouraged to use their Twitter accounts for casual communication rather than promotions or marketing pitches. The helps humanize the company. There’s a real person behind those customer service reps, and Zappos wants the world to know that person.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh once tweeted for fun before going onstage at a tech conference,

“Spilled Coke on the left leg of jeans, so poured some water on right leg so looks like the denim fade.”

If you want your company to be a smashing success, consider these nine questions Zappos has established to be customer-obsessed. Zappos success as a company stems from their unique culture, and they use tech and social platforms as a conduit to share those experiences.

In question #7, Zappos asks, “do you celebrate customer service stories?” When their buyers experience customer obsession, they talk about it, tweet about it and blog about it.

Zappos suggests sharing customer feedback with all of your employees so you can celebrate the happiness that they were a part of delivering. They also set up programs where peers can recognize one another for providing superb customer service. Zappos claims, it not only builds engagement but reaffirms your focus on delivering customer satisfaction.

Customer obsession can be simple. It’s a matter of setting priorities. Zappos has made a name for itself by prioritizing customer service above all else.  So all Zapponians know that delivering excellent customer service is what’s at the heart of their thriving organization. Indeed, it’s the Zappos company purpose to live and deliver ‘WOW!”

And maybe, if we are delivering on the customer-obsessed promise, we could be acquired by Amazon or for more than $1 billion after being in business only 11 years. At least we can always dream.

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