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Being Transparent With SEO Strategies and Tactics

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At WrightIMC, we will always be transparent with our SEO strategies and tactics. We don’t believe there are above-board, white hat SEO trade secrets. Disclaimer: We don’t reveal client trade secrets or details that we are asked to keep to ourselves – especially. The SEO strategies and tactics we employ as SEO professionals are an […]

How to Avoid Having Your Data Held Hostage

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Imagine that you detect a few issues with the accounting firm that manages your books. You decide to hire a third party to independently review their work. However, when you request access to your books, the firm refuses to provide it. As a business owner, you might be compelled to fire or even sue this […]

David Baker’s “10 Mistakes Agency Principals Make” at AIGA DFW

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“They don’t teach you this type of stuff in school, but we will tonight.” David Baker David Baker graced us with his presence last night at the Clampitt Creative Center for the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) DFW event. Baker, a leading management consultant to the creative services profession, gave us the scoop on the […]