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Digital Marketing News Roundup – December 17, 2021

Digital Roundup - A collection of images.There were some Google updates, but that’s not big news since they happen all the time. A solid long-term approach to SEO will help your website weather those inevitable storms. The biggest stories we saw during the week of December 13, 2021, had to do with announcements of security vulnerabilities …

Google announced a patch to their Chrome web browser to fix 5 different vulnerabilities there were being actively exploited (known as “zero-day” vulnerabilities). If you haven’t done so lately, go and update Chrome immediately! Better yet, go into the settings and set your browser to update automatically.

A vulnerability was found in the popular WordPress SEO plugin,  All In One SEO. If you’re using this plugin, you need to update to the latest version immediately. We don’t often recommend setting plugins to update automatically since upgrades can sometimes break websites. Instead, check your WordPress dashboard at least weekly and update the WordPress software, themes, and plugins, after you’ve made a backup of your current site.

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