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The Elevator Pitch, Unique Selling Propositions, and Your Content

marketing team in a meeting doing elevator pitches

Everybody at WrightIMC knows that I abhor the use of the word “content” to describe the information that businesses and marketers use to appeal to customers online. Content is what settles in a box during shipping. It’s a number you put in a field on a spreadsheet. Content takes the soul out of the stories […]

What I Didn’t Learn About Marketing in College

young marketing professionals discussing their jobs

The world of marketing changes constantly. It’s been in a dynamic state of evolution for the past 17 years since the Internet came into commercial use. With this surge in new market opportunities, there’s plenty of room for marketing specialists to take advantage of the digital environment. One would think that marketing students would be […]

92 Searches That Trigger Search Plus Your World

two coworkers discussing how to search on google for specific terms

update: these are searches that trigger search for logged out users that show the SPYW highlight box on the right hand side. Google+ users logged in will see shared content from their circles on Google+ in the SERPs for longtail terms but not the highlight box. It’s been a little over a month since Google […]

I Want My Wikipedia Back: Or, What the Hell are SOPA and PIPA?

marketing team discussion

So, you’ve noticed that black box over Google’s name on the search engine today, but you haven’t had time to click to find out what’s going down. (Which makes me feel awesome that you’re taking the time to read this!) And, you completely flubbed the trivia question about ambergris (whale barf) because Wikipedia is down […]

Avoiding Digital Roadblocks

marketer working at his desk with a desktop computer on analytics screen

Let’s go back….way back, to the dark ages of 2008 – well maybe that’s an exaggeration. Three years ago, what did the online marketing landscape look like? Myspace was the dominating authority. Windows Live was a massive area but much like Siberia, it was virtually a no man’s land. If you look closely you may […]

Do This Now: Online Marketing Words of Wisdom From Tony Wright

marketing team in a meeting

“It’s more than a plan, it’s a philosophy.” Entering the online marketing world is overwhelming. You may feel nauseous at first as if someone spun you around 10 times and then told you to walk straight. Thankfully it’s not an impossible task. Tony Wright, CEO of WrightIMC, has been there. After building a company from […]

David Baker’s “10 Mistakes Agency Principals Make” at AIGA DFW

marketing team creating a presentation

“They don’t teach you this type of stuff in school, but we will tonight.” David Baker David Baker graced us with his presence last night at the Clampitt Creative Center for the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) DFW event. Baker, a leading management consultant to the creative services profession, gave us the scoop on the […]

A Simple Primer on Digital Marketing

man writing marketing plan on glass wall

With the continued growth of the Internet, digital marketing has come into its own as an aspect of business marketing. Digital marketing can take many forms, including traditional methods such as radio and television. However, creating methods of reaching a wider range of potential customers with online technologies is the current Holy Grail. Online marketing […]

How to Buy Mobile Advertising

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Mobile banner ads – anyone who’s used the free version of a mobile app has seen them. To most of us, they’re simply a part of life, like commercials, billboards or those giant posters at airports. For marketers, however, figuring out how to promote a product or service through these ever-present banners is like finding […]