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Popular Website Design Trends to Avoid

woman sitting at desk designing a website on 2 screens

Despite Gen Z’s obsession with scrunchies and mom jeans, many of the fashion statements you made in high school will make you cringe in 2021. Why is that? Something becomes “trendy” in fashion because it breaks from the norm, a rebellion of what came before. Trending pieces are often aesthetic, engaging, and interesting but not […]

SEO & UX Can’t Work Together? SEO is UX and Vice Versa

two screens with website designing software on them

Web Design User Experience Let’s talk web design for a few minutes, shall we? I’m here to tell you that a website can be attractive and functional for actual human visitors – while also catering to search engine algorithms so that it can rank high on search engine results pages (SERPs) for relevant keywords. SEO […]

How Do You Know When Your Website Is Done?

man on two screen computer designing a website

False! Fact: If you ever believe for a second that when you launch a website it’s done, and you never have to touch it again – you’re absolutely wrong. More often than not, I’ve heard building a website is the equivalent of giving birth. Granted it doesn’t take nine months to produce (or not usually), […]

Anatomy of An Effective Website Design

a basic website design written out on paper

As a designer and developer, there’s nothing more awesome than hearing someone tell you “my so-and-so college student can build my website for cheaper!” I know that this is a text medium, but the sarcasm should be obvious. Truth be told, websites are easy to build. They become complicated when we actually want them to […]

Yo Website So Ugly…

drawing of a website design

It’s 2013, people, and there are just so many websites that are as ugly as anything put together back in the 1990’s. We really try to help you out, but you aren’t listening to us. So, we’re going back to an old 90’s joke to help you get the point. Your website is just so ugly… Yo […]

5 Common Web Design Mistakes – And Better Options

hands on tabletop designing a website together

Most people have a general sense of what does and doesn’t look good or what works and doesn’t work. People who are paid to design and build websites should have a really good idea of what will appeal to people. So, why do we continue to make some of the biggest design sins? Modern websites […]

Pairing Aesthetics with Statistics for Powerful Results

a man in front of 3 laptop screens designing a website

This blog post is dedicated to every math and science teacher whose classes I never took seriously. I owe you all my sincerest apologies for not heeding your warnings when you told me, “You’ll use this someday!” I was the kid in high school who doodled through math class, paying attention only enough to keep […]

The Power of Imagery in Building Your Brand

two computers on a desktop

When it Comes to Branding, Images Just Work Kids who haven’t learned to read expect a 4-piece chicken nugget dinner when they see a bright yellow “M” on a cherry red background. Anyone who’s ever seen a computer knows what it means when they see the silhouette of an apple with a single leaf and […]

The Kama Sutra of Web Design and Development

a website design plan being written out on paper

Design is thinking made visual. – Saul Bass Saul Bass couldn’t have said it any better. We use design to make information more engaging because, let’s face it, reading isn’t always fun. Now that everyone’s attention span has declined (like the economy), it’s especially difficult to keep your readers interested and coming back for more. […]