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How We Keep Up With Search Engine Algorithm Changes

How Do We Keep Up With Algorithm Changes? | Expert SEO Services in Dallas

Navigating Search Algorithm Changes Throughout the Years In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, one thing is crystal clear: change is the only constant. Search algorithms are central to this dynamic landscape – the algorithms that power the engines to propel online visibility and success.  These algorithms have undergone significant transformations over the years, reshaping […]

Being Transparent With SEO Strategies and Tactics

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At WrightIMC, we will always be transparent with our SEO strategies and tactics. We don’t believe there are above-board, white hat SEO trade secrets. Disclaimer: We don’t reveal client trade secrets or details that we are asked to keep to ourselves – especially. The SEO strategies and tactics we employ as SEO professionals are an […]

PR and Advertising Folks: If you are threatened by SEO, you’re doing it wrong

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In the last six weeks, WrightIMC has lost several bids for contracts – not because of price, competition or capabilities. We lost because one or more of the influencers or decision makers felt threatened by the services we offer. In the recent cases, it was the public relations – or corporate communications – team that […]

Cheap SEO costs too much.

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It’s smart to be frugal. You want the best deal you can get. After all, if you can get something cheaper somewhere else, wouldn’t you? I understand. There are very few times when I buy a product, either online or in a store, that I don’t look for the best price. I mean, if I’m […]

The SEO Community needs to start acting like Third Graders

  This year, my oldest son entered third grade. This is strange for me because I remember third grade vividly. I remember my teacher’s name, what the room looked like, and I can name everyone that was in my class. In fact, I still keep up with many of them on Facebook. I remember third […]

Are you wasting money by saving money?

SEO opportunity costs, don’t knock them when they come to the door. Within 15 minutes of meeting a new business prospect, I can predict how difficult it will be to show them success. The level of difficulty to achieve a positive return from WrightIMC has little to do with the product the prospect is offering […]

Were you affected by the latest Google Places changes?

From time to time, Google makes a change to their algorithm or their data delivery without discussing it publicly – beforehand or after the implementation. We usually catch on by noticing an unexplainable trend across clients that are completely unrelated, and with the clients of other agencies that are trusted and reliable providers. That scenario […]

Google’s New Documentation Penalty?

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I hate paper. There, I said it. Anyone who knows me and loves me understands that I live in constant organized chaos. In elementary school, I had a Trapper Keeper that held all of my papers. They stuck out the sides, and to the layperson looked like a big mess. However, as long as someone […]