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How We Keep Up With Search Engine Algorithm Changes

Navigating Search Algorithm Changes Throughout the Years

In the dynamic realm of digital marketing, one thing is crystal clear: change is the only constant. Search algorithms are central to this dynamic landscape – the algorithms that power the engines to propel online visibility and success. 

These algorithms have undergone significant transformations over the years, reshaping how businesses connect with their audiences. WrightIMC has been at the forefront of adapting to these shifts, ensuring our clients sail smoothly through the ever-evolving sea of search engines for more than 17 years.

The Yesteryears of Search Algorithms

Let’s stroll down memory lane to the ’90s, the early days of the internet. Search engines like AltaVista and Yahoo! ruled the roost with their simple keyword-centric algorithms. But, let’s be real, the results weren’t always spot-on, and sneaky tactics could easily game the system.

Enter the Google Revolution

Cue the entrance of Google, armed with its game-changing PageRank algorithm. Suddenly, it wasn’t just about the keywords – backlinks were the cool kids at the party. Google took the throne, and everyone else had to hustle.

How Do We Keep Up With Algorithm Changes? | Expert SEO Services in Dallas

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The Algorithmic Evolution Story

  • Content Quality Craze: Google’s Panda update of 2011 shook the scene, penalizing subpar content. Marketers had to vastly improve their content game – quality over quantity became the new mantra.
  • Mobile Momentum: Mobile optimization stole the spotlight, and Google declared, “Be mobile-friendly or get left behind!” 
  • Our Brains Started to Hurt: RankBrain hit the scene in 2015, using AI magic to decipher complex queries and deliver accurate results.
  • Intent is King: With Hummingbird in 2013, Google got smarter about context. It was no longer just about matching keywords but understanding user intent and delivering relevant outcomes.
  • Need for Speed: Slow websites got the memo. The 2018 Speed Update prompted websites to become lightning-fast, whether desktop or mobile.
  • Security Check: Cybersecurity took the stage. Websites with SSL certificates earned Google’s nod of approval and a boost in rankings.
  • Trust Matters: E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) became Google’s new crush. Medic, in 2018, put a spotlight on health and finance sites, giving trustworthy ones a thumbs-up.


These are just the highlights of the history of the algorithmic chaos that has been occurring since the mid-1990s. And WrightIMC has been there for it all

Our Approach to Algorithmic Chaos

So, how does WrightIMC ace the algorithm game? Here’s the breakdown:

  • Stay in the Loop: Our team is algorithm aficionados. We keep our finger on the pulse, attending webinars and staying updated to anticipate changes.
  • Data-Driven Brilliance: We’re data detectives. We dive deep, analyzing trends to craft strategies that impress algorithms and resonate with users.
  • Quality Content: Our content isn’t just text; it’s meaningful communication. We know algorithms love what users love, so we aim to strike that perfect balance of content that appeals to people and robots.
  • Tech Wizards: We’re the tech doctors for your website. If there’s a speed issue or a technical glitch, consider it fixed.
  • Holistic Magic: Algorithms aren’t one-trick ponies, and neither are we. Our strategies cover all bases – from SEO to Content to Social Media.

What Do You Need to Know?

Search algorithms have transformed from keyword counters to understanding context. WrightIMC isn’t just keeping up; we’re setting the pace.  

With us, you’re not just navigating algorithmic waves – you’re riding them like a pro.

Let WrightIMC show you the way in this ever-changing digital landscape.

We’d love to hear from you.

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