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David Baker’s “10 Mistakes Agency Principals Make” at AIGA DFW

Clampitt Creative Company's mascot

"They don't teach you this type of stuff in school, but we will tonight." David Baker David Baker graced us with his presence last night at the Clampitt Creative Center for the AIGA (American Institute of Graphic Arts) DFW event. Baker, a leading management consultant to the creative … [Read more...]

The Best Shopping Cart Software is the One that Fits Your Particular Needs

Credits to Heidi Howard and Ryan Rogers

Whether you are a seasoned offline merchant who wants to expand your business online or you are completely new to eCommerce, you'll need to figure out which shopping cart solution to choose. Many people will Google shopping cart reviews or interact with online eCommerce communities to find the best … [Read more...]

Smart Business is a Social Business

Michael Brito

SMC Dallas convenes once again for another monthly meeting, this time inviting Michael Brito of Edelman Digital. As Senior Vice President of Social Business Planning he leads the digital team in a series of efforts to guide, grow, and drive new business as well as maintaining strong relationships … [Read more...]

“From ZERO to SIX FIGURES with Affiliate Marketing” courtesy of (Sugar) Rae Hoffman-Dolan

Sugarrae Hoffman's take on Affiliate Marketing I’ll try not to use too many puns when referencing the presentation tonight but that will be hard. Especially considering the sweet tactics Rae Hoffman has used to master the world of affiliate marketing. So who is Rae Hoffman-Dolan? Well first of … [Read more...]

A Simple Primer on Digital Marketing

Digital & Content Marketing

With the continued growth of the Internet, digital marketing has come into its own as an aspect of business marketing. Digital marketing can take many forms, including traditional methods such as radio and television. However, creating methods of reaching wider ranges of potential customers with … [Read more...]

WrightIMC Takes on TEDxSMU

TEDxSMU 2011 Speakers

Who are the thought leaders of the future? TedxSMU is on a mission to discover these individuals and bring their innovative ideas to the forefront of groundbreaking discussion – but there can only be one. Over the course of a couple of hours, 11 participants battle it out to fill the last slot in … [Read more...]

WrightIMC Reviews Advanced Web Ranking 8.5


The SEO world is highly competitive and quickly changing. Companies, figure heads and tools all seem to come and go every year, but some manage to stand the test of time. Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) has been a popular tool for years, and to prove its staying power, it recently launched version 8.5, … [Read more...]

Remembering Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

The revolution he created could most likely be traced back to the 1984 Super Bowl. Computer giant IBM was comfortably in the lead mid-way through the 3rd quarter. But a plucky underdog was about to launch the ultimate trick play. Viewers were captivated by a 90 second commercial, telling them … [Read more...]