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WrightIMC Reviews Advanced Web Ranking 8.5

The SEO world is highly competitive and quickly changing. Companies, figureheads, and tools all seem to come and go every year, but some manage to stand the test of time. Advanced Web Ranking (AWR) has been a popular tool for years, and to prove its staying power, it recently launched version 8.5, which is a complete overhaul from version 7.5. When it comes to complete SEO software, AWR is a leader of the pack. We’ll take a dive into the nitty-gritty and tell you what has been improved, as well as why it should be part of any SEO’s tool kit.

The most important addition is the integration of Google Analytics and SEOmoz metrics. This truly makes AWR a complete package for SEO professionals. Google Analytics is a fantastic tool, but many of us find ourselves switching tabs between tools to see the whole picture. AWR removes that need, by bringing Google Analytics right into the program.

To improve the navigation between all of the new tools, a brand new graphic user interface has been added. When the Analytics tab is clicked, the sites you’re tracking will be displayed. From here you can see all of the important metrics such as page views, bounce rate, and incoming keywords.

AWR analytics tab

AWR utilizes ‘projects’ to help keep everything separated. You can set up each client (or whatever you’re tracking) within its own project. From here you can add relevant competitors and keywords, without mucking up an unrelated project. This helps to keep everything sorted into easy-to-view segments and get more specific data for each project.

AWR projects

A quick click on the Links tab will display the domains that link to the site you’re tracking. In addition to the usual domain authority metrics, mozRank is also displayed. MozRank is another domain power metric that will help you understand the value of a site. Here you can track your keywords and sites and see where they’re ranking. You can also add your competitors, to quickly gauge where you need to aim. AWR makes it easy to edit the timespan as well as show you average ranking and the high and low rankings historically. The list is sortable by the number of links from each site, eliminating the guesswork (or even worse, manual counting of them).

The best part of Advanced Web Ranking is that it can combine all of the information from these tabs into one datasheet.  By doing so, you can investigate how data like “followed links” are helping. Spike in followed links, but a drop in ranking? Might be too many spam links. There is an endless number of questions you can ask yourself with the combined data.

While accessing all this data in one place is fantastic, it doesn’t do anyone else any good if you can’t share it. AWR can create reports at the push of a button to present to managers or clients. The metrics included in the report are modifiable, so you can tailor the information for each party.

AWR reports

Advanced Web Ranking has been a popular tool for SEO professionals for years. With the 8.5 release, AWR is now a complete one-stop tool. All of the features that have made the tool great since its inception have been improved and integrated with each other. It will not only make your life easier, but your clients will also enjoy the results.

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