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The process of finding an internship is a tough one, especially for a college student who wants to gain experience. In an economy where most people are struggling to find work, a digital marketing agency internship can be one of the most valuable investments you can make in yourself, your future career and your future financial success. Offering supervised, practical training, internships lead to the bolstering of your resume as well as invaluable exposure to work culture.

At a time when I was looking to explore different career paths in business, UT Dallas gave me the opportunity to pursue a 4-day externship at WrightIMC. If you’re not familiar with the term “externship,” it’s just a fancy way of saying “job-shadowing.” Based on my experience, externships are great for helping define a student’s goal or solidifying his career path. So, if you are ever given the opportunity, I say jump on it.

Are you looking for an opportunity to pursue a digital marketing agency internship in online marketing, or do you want to develop skills that will help you become a jack-of-all-trades marketer and guarantee earning potential for your future? Then WrightIMC is for you.

My first day as an extern at WrightIMC really highlighted the word that keeps the wheels spinning for this company: creativity. We were given the task of coming up with a creative visual or video that exposed potential interns to what WrightIMC had to offer. My group and I, at a loss for where to start, were left brainstorming to come up with ideas for the video project we had collaboratively decided on.

Let’s be honest now, with the attention span most teenagers have nowadays, a blog post or persuasive essay might not have been the best way to go. Although the first half hour consisted of blankly staring at the white board in front of us, we slowly started brainstorming and realized that this video was going to be a lot of fun. We were able to conjure up ideas, while making connections between the company’s versatility and what the firm offers future interns.

An hour into our process, we got news that there was a production meeting that we could attend. During the production meeting, the group and I were exposed to meeting etiquette and how essential effective communication is between members of the same team.  A basic review of the production calendar was discussed. They reviewed how to improve their relations with their clients, while at the same time thinking of ways to improve their deadline schedules to promise quality work. It was clear that the employees of WrightIMC followed organized business processes.

After this meeting, we sat back down at the drawing board and thought of ideas to give our video personality, while also promoting their strong suits that would attract interns.


WrightIMC Externs

Anurag Matharasi, Cathryn Ploehn, Robert Reedy
(From left to right)

The second day was when our creative juices were flowing. We went around bugging the interns and employees to give us interviews on questions we had selected for them.  We asked questions about their experiences, what attracted them to WrightIMC, and what they loved about the place. This really helped the group center into the points we needed to emphasize in our promotional video, and the trek had begun! We spent the next day using Adobe Premier and Photoshop for different elements of our presentation, selecting background music, and trying to edit and piece together our interviews. Most people wouldn’t realize the difficulty in putting together a video, but let me be the first to tell you: it takes some time and persistent effort to get it right.

Our last day at WrightIMC might have been one of the most effective and productive days. We got the opportunity to contribute our ideas in a brainstorm meeting for one of the clients! Sitting together at a round table, we shared different ideas for a future “parallax” website and were able to conjure up quite a list at the end of the meeting. This list consisted of everything from current topics to different marketing strategies others have used that have been successful.

So, what did I learn after spending four days at WrightIMC? First, the real world exposure to an online marketing agency was invaluable. Attending meetings, dressing professionally, and being immersed in the environment gave me a taste of corporate America. We also got firsthand experience on how business practices were used to run an agency. So, at the end of the week, all I can say is: IT WAS AWESOME!

Take a look at the video we created: https://youtu.be/MmlIjN5i2_o


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