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People Buy What You Do, Not Why You Do It

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I don’t know if marketers tell more lies to their clients … or themselves. I think the disingenuousness of modern marketing stems from a need to justify what it is. People need stuff to live, you make money from selling this stuff, and marketing gets people to buy your stuff. As long as humans have […]

Help A Reporter Spam? Is Google Targeting Help a Reporter Out(HARO) Links?

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My friend Bill Hartzer has created quite a kerfuffle in the SEO industry over the last couple of days. For those of you that haven’t been keeping up, Bill has been working with a client after their site received a manual penalty from Google for unnatural links – for the non-SEOs among us, that means […]

Marketing Tip: Picking the Right Marketing Lens for the Campaign’s Needs

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Every single person looks at life through a lens. The way you see the world is colored by who you are, your experiences, your temperament, and even your mood. We are constantly reminded of this fact at WrightIMC. We have several clients whose audience does not look through the same lens as most of us. […]

What I Didn’t Learn About Marketing in College

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The world of marketing changes constantly. It’s been in a dynamic state of evolution for the past 17 years since the Internet came into commercial use. With this surge in new market opportunities, there’s plenty of room for marketing specialists to take advantage of the digital environment. One would think that marketing students would be […]

Do This Now: Online Marketing Words of Wisdom From Tony Wright

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“It’s more than a plan, it’s a philosophy.” Entering the online marketing world is overwhelming. You may feel nauseous at first as if someone spun you around 10 times and then told you to walk straight. Thankfully it’s not an impossible task. Tony Wright, CEO of WrightIMC, has been there. After building a company from […]