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An Adaptive Framework for Link Building Campaigns

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Article first apperared on Search Engine Journal: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/optimize-website-tiny-niche/345846/#close A consistent complaint I hear from SEO professionals, both veterans and those new to the industry, is that link building is hard. Yes. Link building is hard. Link building is hard, but it’s not impossible. Link building seems difficult because, on the surface, it’s hard to know exactly where […]

Take a Stand: Building Links Through Social Responsibility

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A number of years ago, I conducted a rather ambitious research project to find out how consumer preferences were affected by a brand’s social stance. While I certainly didn’t conclusively answer whether a brand should take a stand, I did come to one concrete conclusion: A brand that takes a social stand almost always sees […]

4 Link Building Ideas That Won’t Get You Into Hot Water

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I’m hearing lots of talk in the SEO community questioning the value of building links. The current SEO trends seem to be leaning toward focusing on the technical aspects of SEO and leaving link building as an afterthought – or not a thought at all. I think technical SEO is extremely important and a great technical SEO professional is […]

What My Cat Taught Me about Link Building: An Educational Rant

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Link building is the backbone of Internet marketing and has been the main topic of thousands of SEO blogs. It takes a long time to really understand its core principles, and it may even require some personal experience. My personal experience came from Fatty … my cat. Meet Fatty, A.K.A Hefty, Sir Fatness, or Count […]

Active Link Building Process: Prospecting – Finding Links (Part 1)

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This is the first post of our Active Link Building Process Series. It will mainly focus on non-paid tools that you can use to start your link building process. Foreword I’m assuming you’ve already conducted your extensively-awesome keyword research that contains all of the keywords you want to rank for and your content includes those […]

Linkbuilding in 2011

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Many webmasters and SEO junkies preach the importance of linkbuilding. They throw out terms such as meta tags, directory submissions, and page url’s. And while these all do hold value of some sort, are they really that valuable? Google and other search engines have never sat idly while spam techniques were exploited, and they certainly […]