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Be Secure..Or Else! – Google’s Chrome Forcing SSL Adoption

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Imagine a potential client, customer, or subscriber attempting to sign up for your email list and receiving the following message, “This site is NOT SECURE.” Do you think they will readily share their private information with such a site? Beginning October 2017, this scenario will be reality for Google Chrome users. Google explained, “The new […]

6 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch in 2015

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Digital Marketing trends continued to rapidly evolve in 2014 to keep up with more engaged consumers. Mobile marketing soared. Native advertising continued its rocketing rise to dominance. Google released Panda 4.0. Google also introduced another algorithm update, aimed at local search, known as Pigeon. And, the Big Data chant picked up  So, what’s in store […]

Avoiding Digital Roadblocks

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Let’s go back….way back, to the dark ages of 2008 – well maybe that’s an exaggeration. Three years ago, what did the online marketing landscape look like? Myspace was the dominating authority. Windows Live was a massive area but much like Siberia, it was virtually a no man’s land. If you look closely you may […]

A Simple Primer on Digital Marketing

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With the continued growth of the Internet, digital marketing has come into its own as an aspect of business marketing. Digital marketing can take many forms, including traditional methods such as radio and television. However, creating methods of reaching a wider range of potential customers with online technologies is the current Holy Grail. Online marketing […]