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Why Digital Advertisers Deserve Access to WhatsApp Data (and why users should be on board)

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One of the world’s leading social media apps, WhatsApp, remains largely inaccessible to digital advertisers. This is a disservice to both users of the app (who would benefit from an improved online experience) and to digital marketers (who currently have a limited viewpoint on their campaigns). WhatsApp is a leading platform for content sharing North […]

PR and Advertising Folks: If you are threatened by SEO, you’re doing it wrong

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In the last six weeks, WrightIMC has lost several bids for contracts – not because of price, competition or capabilities. We lost because one or more of the influencers or decision makers felt threatened by the services we offer. In the recent cases, it was the public relations – or corporate communications – team that […]

Are You Being Watched By Your Favorite Retailer?

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Have you ever been walking through one of your favorite retailers and all of a sudden you feel your phone vibrating to alert you of an email that has just come through? You open it and all of a sudden a coupon from the retailer – that you are currently standing in – shows up. […]

4 Critical Flaws in Bing Advertising You Need to Know About

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Bing Advertising (now know as Microsoft Advertising) has made great strides over the last couple of years. I hate to slam what is an otherwise sophisticated system, which has proven itself a quality advertising platform. Its greatest flaw is that it just can’t deliver enough traffic. But, the problems I have experienced with it lately […]

How to Buy Mobile Advertising

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Mobile banner ads – anyone who’s used the free version of a mobile app has seen them. To most of us, they’re simply a part of life, like commercials, billboards or those giant posters at airports. For marketers, however, figuring out how to promote a product or service through these ever-present banners is like finding […]