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What is the Social Media Graveyard?

Social media is seen by many as a fool-proof method for growing your business. A company facing stagnant growth will look at Facebook as a money tree sapling.  Where this notion has come from, well, I’m not exactly sure. Social network sites are littered with abandoned company profiles like they’re excess meat in the Oregon Trail computer game. How did they get to that point, and more importantly, how can we help you get past it?  I bring to you:

The 3 Common Traits of the Social Media Graveyard

Lack of Content

Twitter, social media, WrightIMC, Lan Nguyen The leading cause of premature social media death is lack of content. Like humans need oxygen, social media pages need content.  Why would people visit your page if nothing ever changes? Think of your page as a never-ending handbook to your products and services. If you sell can koozies, you need content about can koozies. And I’m not talking “We offer koozies in a bunch of colors!” It’s going to take more than that. You’ll have to stretch your noggin’. Create a highly detailed tongue-in-cheek report detailing the temperature of a drink in a koozie versus a non-koozied drink, complete with an infographic. Think: Am I making something that a person would send to a friend using social media?    

Lack of Free Stuff

Yes, giving stuff away does make it this easy. We all love free stuff, even free stuff we don’t really want. Most people have a bunch of t-shirts they never wear but hang on to because, well, they were free. Announce that when you reach 500 fans/followers/guinea pigs, you will give a free koozie to a randomly selected 20 of them. This also works with stuff you can’t really sell for some reason. Now before you think that giving away your misprints is foolish and you write it off, remember all those t-shirts? Exactly.  

Lack of Interaction

social media, Oregon trail, dysentery, Wrightimc Now that you’ve followed the first two steps you have all these people clamoring for more funny graphs and free koozies. But you have no more graphs and can’t make enough koozies to keep up with demand. Now what?!  Well if the stimulation isn’t there anymore, maybe it’s time to actually talk to your fans. They have willingly decided to listen to you, so interact with them! Your fans and followers know how to Facebook, and they expect you to be able to as well. Retweet their funny sayings, comment on what they do, ask them questions, and if they ask you a question, answer it! You’ve reached the pinnacle of social media; don’t let your audience slip through your fingers. Or their drinks: get them a koozie, for crying out loud. If your company’s social media graveyard site currently has a headstone, or is heading perilously towards it, WrightIMC knows how to save it. We live and breathe interactive marketing and we’d love to talk to you about what your company is trying to accomplish in that field. Give us a call at 866-509-4717 or email us at info@wrightimc.com.  
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