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Direct & Immediate Effects of Author Rank Part 2

This part two of our three of our series on Google’s Author Rank. To recap what we’ve already discussed:

  • Author Rank is Google’s way of qualifying a writer’s authority on a topic.
  • Google’s Panda = site quality. Author Rank = author quality.
  • Google will judge your online reputation with the type of content you create.
  • Author Rank is affected by several different factors including how often your content is shared, who is endorsing it and how fast it is shared.
  • How to implement it into your current SEO strategies

If you need to review these areas check out “What Does Google AuthorRank Mean for SEO’ers?” and “Google Author Rank: Part 1, Measuring Influence.” Let’s get back to it.

Direct & Immediate effects of Author Rank

As important as it is to know how Author Rank works, I’m sure you are dying to know the immediate effects of Author Rank and how it affects search results.  You probably have noticed already that, if a content piece has been shared by someone you know, it will appear at the top of the SERPs on Google.

Google Author Rank Image

This is designed to get users to see that people they trust, in their own circles, are recommending content. Studies show that people are more likely to trust and click on information shared by people in their social circles. Based on this, you can logically deduce that if your content is shared by someone, their friends will see your content at the top of their SERPs. This adds a personal touch to the SERP’s, to push more relevant and trustworthy content more efficiently.

You’ll notice that the content shared via Author Rank is accompanied by a thumbnail image of the author. When using Author Rank, Google actually requires a headshot of the author that meets a basic set of standards.

Tom Cruise vs. Guy With a Baby Tiger

This way, users can put a face to a name.  It could be said that Author Rank is not only building up your authority, but also your image, literally. Though your picture might change, what’s important is that Google is pushing to give fast, efficient, and trustworthy results to users by requiring a level of transparency in identity and setting a standard for all content authors to follow.


Author Rank is not meant to be a monopolistic force that dominates search. However, powerful Author Rank may seem, at the core, its primary function is to facilitate and influence. Investing in Author Rank is a good idea, but it would be misguided to place all your efforts and hopes into it. Author Rank is about breaking the barriers of anonymity to push the Internet forward into a space of high-quality content. That makes content more important than ever.

By putting a face to a name and building up experts, SERPs will become more reliable and natural for users. Author Rank gives people the chance to showcase their expertise and establish a strong online presence. I would encourage everyone to use Author Rank to establish themselves as experts in their own fields. As you write and research on one particular area, and produce strong content, you become more knowledgeable in that area. And, you should get the credit you’re due.

Picture credits to Wikipedia and Channel 4.

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