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Jenneva’s Extended Presentation of Content and Outreach Strategy

I am not sure how other speakers develop their talks, but I had a list of things I wanted to talk about last week at Pubcon Austin. But, 20 minutes goes by fast, especially when you are required to breathe. So, I wanted to provide the complete version of my presentation on Content Outreach Strategy.

The main differences between this content outreach strategy presentation and the one I gave in Austin are the resource slides and the real-time marketing section.

Real-time marketing is a great way to capture leads and attention while your target audience is already talking about a specific topic. Monitoring industry trends through Radian6 or through Bit.ly’s new API is a good way to start visualizing the chatter.

It’s equally important to be familiar with new tools and what is coming out of the tech industry. For instance, apps like ProxToMe (they will be exhibiting at SXSW) will push content to other users in a 50-foot radius, which would allow you to do some really interesting real-time marketing at events. Keeping abreast of new tools and technology will help you create content and stay relevant in your niche.

Without further ado:
Content Outreach Strategy

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