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3 Simple Steps to Find Hidden Gems on Your Site

There are a few SEO tricks that I like to use from time to time, and one is finding web pages with good traffic but zero search visits. This can indicate that the page actually contains worthwhile information for consumers, but the search engines just aren’t bringing visitors to the page. Once you find those pages you can determine if it’s an optimization issue, a coding issue (potentially a noindex tag, or a robots.txt issue), or something else.

Finding these pages is extremely simple, and uncovering the data is just 3 steps away once you’re in Google Analytics.

A quick caveat: This report won’t show pages with zero page views overall. It will only show pages that have received at least one visit (direct, referral, etc). If the page is getting good traffic but no organic search visits, that’s where this report can really help.

1) In Analytics, go to Content -> Site Content -> Pages

Google Analytics SEO Tricks

2) Below the timeline, you’ll see a little button menu. Click the button on the far right (Pivot).

Google Analytics SEO Tricks

3) Set the ‘Pivot by’ dropdown to Medium:

And, that’s it. Sort the Organic column by pageviews so you can see everything with zero search visits. You can also export the results 500 rows at a time and sort it out in Excel. This is particularly good for large sites or older sites where you’re running out of optimization ideas.

**Bonus, Old Skool Trick**

Use the command prompt (Windows key + R, type in “cmd.exe” without the quotes) to quickly combine multiple CSV documents if there are thousands of results.

Step 1) Navigate to the folder where the csvs are:

Step 2) Type

without the brackets:

Step 3) ???

Step 4) Profit:




Got something else to add? Leave it in the comments. We’re always interested in new tricks and tips.

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