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Digital Marketing News Roundup – September 13, 2013

Had a busy week? No time to look at digital marketing news? Afraid you might have missed something? Well, take a load off, WrightIMC has got you covered. We gathered the 7 most important news items of the week, rounded them up, and put them in one post for you. So here is this week’s Digital Marketing News Roundup.


Google’s Matt Cutts: Nofollow Links Won’t Hurt You Unless You Are Spamming at a Huge Scale

This week, Matt Cutts released a video discussing the effects of Nofollow links. Cutts’ main message is as long as you’re not sending out mass spammy links, then Nofollow links won’t hurt your rankings.


Google Webmaster Tools Give Users More Link Data

At Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Francisco, Matt Cutts announced a new change to Google Webmaster Tools, which will improve the way webmasters are able to view their backlinks. Instead of getting an unsortable list of every link with many of the links coming from a single domain, webmasters are now able to see a wider range of link data from more top level domains sorted alphabetically.



Facebook Will Give Marketers Access To Conversation Data With Richer Identity Details Than Twitter

Facebook now allows select media outlets to access Facebook users’ public posts. This allows these media outlets to incorporate data on a certain topic into their broadcasts in an effort to outperform its rival Twitter. Like Twitter, users of this tool can see how many people are talking about a topic, where they’re talking about it, and who is talking about it.

However, unlike Twitter, Facebook allows media outlets to see greater details about a topic such as what parents are saying about the latest Miley Cyrus incident, or what city is talking the most about Justin Timberlake’s tour.


Twitter Is Going Public

Twitter announced through a tweet – fittingly enough – that it filed the paperwork for an initial public offering. Twitter is proceeding with caution, learning from the mistakes of its rival, Facebook. By filing the first documents earlier this year under a special provision of securities law, it allowed Twitter to keep its financial data secret until it was ready to actively pursue investors.

Google+ Introduces Embedded Posts

Google+ now allows bloggers and content creators to embed public posts from Google+ onto their sites. Now writers can enhance their stories by using public posts from Google+ users. Also, Google+ users can link their Google Authorship to their WordPress or Typepad blog.

Twitter’s New Verified Filter

Twitter now has a new filter, exclusive to its verified users, which allows them to filter only other verified users in their mentions. Now celebrities can see when their other celebrity friends mention them.



Bing Ads Launches Google Enhanced Campaigns Compatibility Update, Tablet Targeting Stays, Still


Bing has announced that they will support the uploading of Google Enhanced campaigns into their ad program, retaining options set within Google. Bing ads will retain device targeting, which is not offered by Google.


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