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Another week, filled with must-read news in digital marketing, has gone by – and you totally missed it all. We’re picking you up, though, like the helpful friends we are. In this week’s Digital Marketing News Roundup, we have put together a list of articles covering everything from the latest Google Analytics update to the Facebook Insights upgrade.  So take some time, read the headlines and summary quotes, and get your news on.  We always welcome comments and be sure to let us know if you think we missed any important digital news this week.

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Google Shopping gets up close and local by Paul Bankhead

“Recently, we began rolling out two new local features for Google Shopping. The first is local availability for Product Listing Ads on desktop and smartphones. When someone searches for a product on Google, she may see a Product Listing Ad for a local store. When she clicks on the ad, she’ll arrive at a local storefront where she can browse a large selection of the store’s inventory before she visits in person.”


If You Use Geo-Location, You’re not Spam by Barry Schwartz

“Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, posted a video yesterday clearly stating the geo-location or redirecting users based on their location is not spam. Google will not consider a site that uses geo-location techniques as spam.”

No More Page Rank Updates This Year by Barry Schwartz

“Google’s head of search spam, Matt Cutts, said on Twitter yesterday that Google won’t be pushing out a new Google Toolbar PageRank update this year.”

New Search Engine Verbase Looks to Give Users a Much Cleaner Search by Natasha Lomas

“It’s Mountain View’s penchant for larding search results with increasing amounts of spam (its own, and paying advertisers’) that Hong Kong-based startup Verbase — which currently bills itself as “a search engine with clean and pure results” — reckons gives it a chance to inch into a market so sewn up by Google that few would bother to even try.”


Google Analytics Gets A Facelift With New Reports by Matt McGee

“Next time you check Google Analytics, you may see a new navigation menu and have a hard time finding some of your favorite reports.”


Now You Can Watch TV….Through Twitter? by Jeanine Poggi

“Starting in November, Comcast subscribers will be able to instantly watch and record programming from the company’s NBC Universal division using a “See It” button appearing in posts on Twitter.”

Facebook Tweaks Privacy: You Can No Longer Hide From Search by Kurt Wagner

“Facebook tweaked its privacy settings Thursday and will no longer allow users to completely hide from others searching for them on the site. In other words, with few exceptions, we’re all now searchable on Facebook.”

Facebook Insights Gets an Upgrade by Greg Finn

“A powerful new Facebook Insights upgrade has arrived in an Admin Panel near you. The new Insights has a 6 tabbed approach that breaks up statistics into specific categories and use simpler metrics. The updated Insights is available to all users and can be found under the Insights section of the admin panel.”

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