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Digital Marketing News Roundup – November 29, 2013

Digital Marketing News RoundupIt can be difficult to stay abreast of the latest news while you’re stuffing your belly full of turkey and pecan pie. That’s why we’ve once again made a list of all the top digital news articles and links to bring you up to speed. Take a look now at our Digital Marketing News Roundup!


GE Designates Dec. 3 as ‘3D Printing Day,’ 3D-Prints Xmas Gifts by AdAge

“Peanut butter has a day. So do donuts. So why shouldn’t 2013’s most-hyped technology also get one? General Electric is on it, folks. It has designated Dec. 3 (D3, geddit?) as the official 3D Printing Day, and has also launched a new campaign that hopes to gives elves a rest for the holidays, by 3D printing gifts instead.”


What We Have Learnt From Google Manual Penalty Bad Link Examples by Alex Graves

“With Google penalizations seeming to be more common than ever, we thought that we would take some of the information that we have been able to collate in order to offer a little more insight into the examples of bad links that seem to be the problem areas that trigger manual penalizations.”

Matt Cutts: Use the Link Disavow Tool Even if Your Site Hasn’t Been Penalized by Jennifer Slegg

“Cutts recommended you use the disavow tool if you have identified any suspicious or low-quality backlinks you believe might hurt you.”

Google’s Matt Cutts: We Dropped The 100 Links Per Page Guideline But We May Take Action If It Is Too Spammy by Barry Schwarts

“Google’s Matt Cutts posted a video explaining why Google no longer has that 100-links-per-page Webmaster guideline.”

The Future of SEO: “It’s Complicated,” SEO Trends for 2014 by Ryne Landers

“The future’s an interesting one, but agencies that embrace this change now will be far ahead of the curve in terms of processes and resources, than those that wait until the old methods absolutely backfire on them and force their change.”

Google Enables “OK Google” Hands-Free Voice Search On PCs by Greg Sterling

“Through a Chrome browser extension users can now invoke the hotword (or hot phrase) “OK Google” to initiate hands-free searches on the PC.”


As Microsoft Moves to Encrypted Search, Webmasters Could Lose More Keyword Data by Jennifer Slegg

“As a user searches for something with encrypted search, the URL search referral that brings a user to a website is completely encrypted, meaning webmasters will not know the keywords that brought visitors to the site.”

Google Keyword Planner Now Shows Trademarked Terms by Ginny Marvin

“Google started to indicate terms that are trademarked in the Keyword Planner with the TM mark.”


Buzz Beyond Facebook, Twitter: Gnip Pools Data from Tumblr, WordPress by Kate Kaye

“The four companies are already partners of Gnip (pronounced guh’nip), and their data feeds will still be available à la carte. But firms that want a combined view of what people are saying on blogs and in story comments will have access to a much larger pool of social data.”


Twitter Beefs Up Search With New Filters by Kurt Wagner

“Users will soon be able to filter searches for specific topics like photos or videos, according to a Twitter blog post. The new update will also include a new “trending timeline” that lists which television shows and nearby events are trending on the platform. This timeline will be visible to users when they click on the “discover” tab within the app.”

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