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Digital Marketing News Roundup – January 21, 2022

Digital Roundup - A collection of images.The week of January 17, 2022, saw a lot of happenings in the digital marketing world. Here are five things we think will be helpful for you …

Our VP of Operations, Elmer Boutin,  was featured in an interview by MaryTherese Griffin on The Daily Ad Brief. He talked about website optimization and the best ways to connect with people through your website content during the interview. Check it out!

When optimizing content for search, it’s critical to understand how the search engines have moved from “Strings to Things” and how they approach working from the calculated intent of the searcher rather than just the words in the query. Google’s John Mueller talked about how Google, specifically, addresses synonyms. They have come a long way into understanding the language people use over the past several years, and they will only get better.

WrightIMC CEO, Tony Wright, shared some things that SEO practitioners should do to improve their work in 2022. Of course, this advice can also apply to anyone running a website.

Tony also shared some insights and some other great SEOs as to what constitutes “great” versus “good” SEO. We think that you will find some great comparisons.

Google announced that they will allow businesses that do their own background checks to avoid using background checks done by Google. It’s not a sure thing, but if your business is already doing background checks and verifications, it’s worth requesting that Google accept what’s already been done. Instructions are on their Local Service Ads help page.


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