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Digital Marketing News Roundup – December 13, 2018

A lot of digital marketing news has happened in the last few weeks, and we don’t want you to be left out in the cold.  So we made a list of the top digital marketing news stories in digital marketing that occurred to help you thaw out a little bit.
Digital Marketing News Roundup


Why Search Engine Land Is Not Currently Indexed In Google

by Barry Schwartz

Having one of the industries top trade sites de-indexed from Google is a big deal. We don’t know the reason, but it goes to show that even the best sites can be subject to either the wrath or the mistakes of Google. Worth watching.

Search Engine Land was mistakenly removed from the Google Index

by Barry Schwartz

This is SEL’s explanation of what happened and why their site was de-indexed. There is speculation this is not the case. If the site comes back in the next few days, I would suspect this is the case. Lots of lessons to be learned here.


By Matt Southern

Facebook Explains How its Search Results Work

This is a good primer for those looking to understand how Facebook’s algorithm works for search results.



Google My Business API v4.3 Has Been Released

by Barry Schwartz

This new API for Google My Business could be a game changer for local search. It will allow the creation of new tools that will be much better than the ones we have now.


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