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Digital Marketing News Roundup – August 30, 2013

A lot of news and events have happened this week in the Digital Marketing world. So, to prevent you from having to go through pages and pages of news, we’ve compiled the top 7 news pieces you should know about this week. Without further ado, here’s this week’s Digital Marketing News Roundup!


Matt Cutts wants to know about your small business and its rankings.


Matt Cutts took to Twitter to ask for submissions of small, but good sites, that could be doing better in Google’s SERPs. On the face of this request, Google is seeking feedback for criticism that its algorithm favors larger brands; webmaster submissions surprisingly low.


RIP to Google Keyword, officially.


Google finally shut the door to its Keyword tool to replace it with the new Keyword Planner, much to the chagrin of many SEOs and PPC managers. It hasn’t been widely embraced yet, but Google plans to continue to tinker with the new tool as time goes on.


 Local Carousel photo issues


Greg Gifford writes about the issues with local businesses’ carousel images and how Google crops and picks the images for the search results. Most pictures have nothing to do with the business, which puts local businesses at a disadvantage.

screenshot of the local carousel for a hotel search in Dallas



PLAs have much higher CTR’s (study)


According to a Marin Software Study released this week, Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLA) are boasting a 19% higher Click Through Rare (CTR) over text ads year over year.  This is a trend that is expected to continue as PLA’s are more engaging and relevant to consumer product searches, and as retailers brace for the holiday season.

screenshot example of Google's Product Listing Ads (PLAs)



Twitter hired its first ever head of commerce, Nathan Hubbard. Could shopping on Twitter be the next big thing?


The former President of TicketMaster is to head up a new shopping initiative.Twitter is attempting to go after companies such as Amazon by incorporating shopping, while also ensuring that Twitter users have another reason to stay on the social channel for a longer period of time each session.

Twitter Ecommerce'


Foursquare’s location aware update


The new “Foursquare Now” may become popular with current Foursquare users, but deter new users from signing up. The idea of Foursquare tracking your location without even having to open the app may be seen as an invasion of privacy, and make some current and/or potential Foursquare users uncomfortable. The new features are a big step forward for Foursquare and will most likely become  popular as long as it keeps unwanted advertisement pings out of it.

Map of Dallas Texas provided by Foursquare


Reddit makes accusations, then takes them back.


Yesterday, Reddit accused Warner Brothers of spamming Reddit’s site with reviews of its new movie Getaway, until today when Reddit retracted the statement and announced it was a third party source not connected to Warner Brothers.

screenshot of movie sub-reddit

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