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The 5 Benefits of a WordPress Site

Web presence is typically a term haplessly strewn across conference room tables when discussing a new website. Everyone wants to ensure their new site packs web presence. Unbeknownst to the jargon droppers, however, is that a website cannot create web presence. Sure, it’s a start but at the end of the day people will only fork over money to your business because of a superior product or service.

So you already have a fantastic product or a great service? The hard part is over! Now it’s time to create yourself an ally. You need a website to help showcase what you do and why it’s amazing. Many companies today are developing web sites using an open source Content Management System such as WordPress, instead of the traditional HTML/Flash mashups for many reasons, below we’ve compiled the Top 5 to bring to you:

One: Low-Cost:

The main draw of WordPress based sites is the cost efficiency. Websites require extensive coding to operate correctly. Much of this code can be recycled from site to site, so why spend money creating new code from the ground up? The majority of coding is already complete with WordPress, reducing massive development budgets.

Instead of creating code, developers can dive right into what matters by customizing the design. Thus the turn-around time for a brand new website is much shorter than building a site from the ground up.

Two: Plugins

During the dawn of the internet, the only way you could make your website do something unique was to create, devise, and code the whole operation. Now all you need is simple plugin’s that do the exact same things, but with much less work. You can find WordPress approved plugins for almost anything you want to do; from easily displaying subscriber counts to displaying your twitter feed. Why spend resources attempting to create your own applications when its already been perfected. Plugins can be integrated quickly and seamlessly.

Three: Ease of Theme Changing

The last thing you want to have happen when developing a website is to conform to look great based on July 11, 2011 standards, only to find out on August 1st 2011 that the black is “grody to the max.” WordPress themes allow you to quickly and easily change the entire way your website looks. Sure, you’ll need tweak aspects of the page to get everything uniform again, but the heavy lifting portion of the task is already done!

Wordpress Free Themes Directory Image

Four: SEO Ability

WordPress can boiled down to one concept, blogs. That’s the heart that pumps the site. This means almost every piece of content on your site is in blog format, which allows you to insert great keywords, titles, and meta descriptions all over your site. If you’re looking for a helping hand in the SEO tasks, there are many great plugins available that will update your sitemap for crawlers, insert tags automatically for you, and display 404 errors where necessary.

Obviously, the start of any great SEO program is good content. You can keep creating your great content that drives visitors to your site, simply just grab a plugin such as Platinum SEO Pack and all of your SEO shortcuts will be there for you to fill in. Add alt tags, keywords and meta descriptions among others.

Wordpress Genesis SEO Options and Settings

Five: The Dashboard

The dashboard is where you make the magic happen. Here you can see incoming links or comments on your posts (and trash the spam before they hit your page).  Quickly add new posts and check up on any relevant WordPress news. As with the rest of WordPress, the Dashboard is customizable so you can sort it to what suits you best. The Joomla and Drupal dashboards are bit harder to navigate, and have a learning curve. The WordPress dashboard is simple to start, and you can adjust it to your liking and you learn more about the system.

Wordpress Dashboard

You can make a case for using an open-source content management system for just about type of website design, whether it’s Drupal, Flash, Joomla, or anything else. We’ve found that WordPress works the best for most applications and think it’s a great way to build sites. It has been noted that WordPress is behind 14% of all the websites in the world. When you’ve claimed 14% of anything in the world, you’re doing something right! If you use WordPress, or you think otherwise, let us know your thoughts, feel free to leave a comment!

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