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We Review Lucky Orange: A CRO Tool We Love

This blog post was written by Joe Denton and Jenneva Vargas.

There are a number of tools available that track conversion rates, bounce rates, and other conversion rate optimization (CRO) metrics – but Lucky Orange stands out from the others. What makes this tool great is its depth of data combined with the immediacy of tracking visitors.

Lucky Orange produces video recordings of users interacting with your website, and it also includes heat-map visualization, live chat, real-time visitor analysis, visitor polling, and additional features. We began using Lucky Orange for a client three weeks ago, and the insights we’ve gained are worth much more than the $7 we pay per month. We love it so much that we’ve written a feature-by-feature breakdown and our opinions of each – just for you!

Video Recording

The video recording feature is the primary reason we were excited to try Lucky Orange. This feature captures the viewport of users on your site, showing their mouse movements, clicks, and time spent idle/reading. These recordings are saved in the system with metrics such as time spent on the website, the number of pages viewed, browser/OS information, and other metrics that you can see below.

Luck Orange Recordings

Using these metrics, combined with the recordings themselves, we have been able to gather more specific and targeted data about our users’ interactions, as well as the shortcomings of certain pages on our site. For a page designed to convert customers, it is extremely valuable to watch the actions of users who failed to convert. We had a general understanding wherein the conversion funnel a user was lost prior, but with Lucky Orange, we can see exactly how far into a specific step a user got before leaving the page.

A Variety of Heat Maps

Another helpful feature is the creation of various kinds of heatmaps. We found the scroll depth heatmap to be especially helpful in understanding the general effectiveness of a page’s content. It shows what percentage of users viewed different parts of a page, with 100% of users viewing above the fold (depending on screen resolution) and sometimes nobody having viewed the footer.

Lucky Orange Heat Map

This data is an indicator of how engaging your content is and how well a specific page is structured. Placing a call to action underneath your content doesn’t do you any good if only a small percentage of your users even see it.

Live Dashboard

Live Dashboard gives you an overview of top countries, top regions, top pages, top keywords and top sources of visitors. It’s great for a snapshot of what is happening on your website in real-time.  As you spend time within the project, you will notice things like Top Keywords will change and adjust based on the users that are on your site at the moment.  Another great feature of this dashboard is the Related Tweets section. This is particularly helpful if you recently published new content and want to see the Twitter pick up.

Live Chat Feature

When you log into Lucky Orange, you can click the “available to chat” button within the Chat tab. Then users can chat with you if they so desire. You may also initiate a chat with a visitor to gain insight. For example, if someone spent significant time on a product page and did not convert before exiting the page, you can initiate a chat to find out why and potentially make improvements to increase CRO.

Lucky Orange Visitor Backend

As SEOs, we have ideas, resources, and techniques for improving CRO, but clients are often personally attached to their sites and hesitant to change design elements.  A product like Lucky Orange provides hard data to support your recommendations. The interface is easy to navigate and simple to show even a novice client at navigating WordPress.  With the insights we gathered from Lucky Orange, we were able to provide the client with specific improvements to the site’s user experience.

Stay tuned for the next installment of our CRO journey with Lucky Orange.

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