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Guest Blogging and Tacos

Tacos are a quintessential item in one’s daily diet. Tacos are a necessity in life. I can talk about tacos all day and night, but this post isn’t about tacos. Well, it is, but it isn’t. Effective guest posting is very similar to building a perfect taco. “What makes a perfect taco?” I’m glad you asked. A perfect taco establishes perfect synergy amongst the contents of the taco. All the flavors meld together in perfect harmony with each bite. Now, let’s use the dynamic of the perfect taco to create the perfect blog post.

Step 1: Research Potential Blogs/Decide on Ingredients

There are niches for every single thing you can think of on the Internet. If it exists, it’s on the Internet. So, when finding a potential blog to post on, don’t limit yourself to the same industry that your client is in. Get creative. For example, if you have a financial client, don’t just look at finance blogs. Everybody wants to save money. Look at travel sites, college blogs, etc. When building a taco, you want to formulate a plan. What kind of shell to use? What kind of meat to use? What veggies do I want to use? When searching for blogs, ask yourself these types of questions. What’s the domain authority? How many Twitter followers does the blog have? Once you’ve decided on ingredients/potential blog, time for step 2.

Step 2: Pitch Ideas to Bloggers/Know Your Guest

Now that you found your guest blog, don’t get to writing just yet. You should first find out how your potential host feels about your guest post ideas. It’s like cooking some awesome tacos – perhaps the greatest tacos ever – taking them to a dinner party, and then finding out that some of the guests are allergic to one of the toppings in the taco. They’ll never get to experience the epicness of your tacos because you didn’t run your taco plans by the dinner host. Don’t let your epic tacos go uneaten.

Step 3: Write Great Content/Build the Greatest Taco Ever

Here’s the fun part. You have everything mapped out, found a place to guest blog, got the idea approved, so now it’s time to write the post. The best way to get traffic and start a conversation is to have great content. Bloggers love great content. “How do I write great content?” Well, first you want to research because we’re not all geniuses and we don’t know everything about everything. With great research comes great content. Ask experts in the category you’re writing about. This is just like creating the filling for the taco. Make sure the meat is properly cooked and seasoned. Throw in some great veggies, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Calamari tacos are amazing. You want all the fillings in the taco to complement each other.

Step 4: Promote Your Post/Humblebrag about Your Tacos

You’ve now created the greatest taco, but what good is it going to do if no one else gets to try it? Just like your taco, if you don’t promote your guest blog post, who will? Tweet about it, share it on Facebook, put it on Google + if you get down like that. Let the world know you just created the greatest taco – I mean blog post – ever!

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