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It’s time for another recap of last week’s digital marketing news. We have compiled another list of the best news articles to help you stay up-to-date on all things digital. Our weekly roundup covers everything from the latest updates in SEO to the biggest changes in Social Media platforms. You won’t find any Justin Bieber news here, just good old fashion digital marketing news. Read your heart out.


Court Finds Google’s Book Scanning Is Fair Use: Highlights From The Ruling by Danny Sullivan

“Nearly ten years after it began and eight years after Google was sued over it, Google’s program that scans books in order to make them searchable has been found legal.”

Google’s Matt Cutts: When Commenting On Blog Posts, Try To Use Your Real Name by Barry Schwartz

“Matt offers some tips on how to make sure your comments are not considered spam by Google or the site you are leaving it on.”

Google Webmaster Tools Adds Manual Action Penalty: Image Mismatch by Jessica Lee

“Google rolled out manual action viewer in Google Webmaster Tools this past summer to let site owners know when a manual penalty action had been taken against their site.”


Google Analytics Real-Time Event and Conversion Reports Are Out of Beta by Thom Craver

“Google Analytics developers have taken the “beta” moniker off of real-time Event and Conversion reports, are expanding it to apps, and are adding metrics for active visitors.”


Google AdWords Adds Search Network with Display Select Option by Jennifer Slegg

“This Display Select option uses improved signals and methods in order to determine which of the display network sites the advertiser’s ads are likely to perform the best. So instead of simply showing up on display network sites based on things like keywords alone, Google is now also looking at both quality and performance for Display Select.”

Google Quietly Rolls-Out “In-Market Buyers” Targeting To Reach Imminent Purchasers by Ginny Marvin

“Advertisers can target consumers who are further down in the funnel and considering buying a product or service like theirs. Google says they have figured out how to identify people who want to make a purchase. So it’s targeting people, not sites, based on their site behavior.”


LinkedIn Unveils Major Pulse Integration, Replaces LinkedIn Today by Kurt Wagner

“LinkedIn announced on Wednesday that its popular news curation feature, LinkedIn Today, has been replaced on both desktop and mobile by Pulse, which now provides the back-end technology for all content surfacing on the platform.”

Now Twitter Lets You Make Multiple Timelines by Chris Taylor

“Twitter unveiled the ability to make custom timelines Tuesday. Users can create their own timelines around particular events, filled with tweets from particular users and topics.”

By Popular Demand: Quora Adds Traffic-Tracking Tool for Writers by Kurt Wagner

“The tracking tool creates a graph of the metrics and breaks them down by time periods like “last 3 months” or “last 7 days.”

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