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State of Search – The Second Post


Scale.  Let’s talk about scale and link building.  Michael King started the conversation that lasted most of the day on scale and link building.  He said, “Scale is code for: I’m Lazy.”  Though there has been some internal debate at WrightIMC about the level at which we can scale link-building … [Read more...]

From Around the Bullpen: WIMC’s Response to Facebook’s Pay to Reach Terms

Dallas Mavericks Facebook Page

Basically, Facebook wants brands to make you pay to receive the love from your fans who already, well, like you. So when TechCrunch rolled out its guest post from Robin Grant over at We Are Social last Friday we launched into a company-wide discussion on what the hell is going on. Take a look at … [Read more...]

State Of Search Wrap Up Part 1

Wil Reynolds at State of Search

Let’s talk about the DFWSEM State of Search Conference that took place last week.  I’ve had a few days to reflect on the epic awesomeness of the conference, and there are some great take-aways from the day.  As I started writing this, I realized there was so much quality information to be shared … [Read more...]

Will Affiliate Programs Help or Hurt Your SEO?

Affiliate marketing and SEO sound like they have a lot in common. Both are based on links and both can drive revenue, but take a while to get going. They are also both dependent on variables, some of which aren’t in your control.  However, there are many rumors about Affiliate Programs and SEO.  … [Read more...]