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More Than Just Calculators: TI Defines Its Community


When you think of Texas Instruments the first thing that probably comes to mind is the brick styled TI-83 (or 80’s series) calculators that cost too much and is probably somewhere lost in the matrix. Well not necessarily for me. Texas Instruments has been a central part of my life and incidentally … [Read more...]

Retargeting Potential Customers with Advertisements: Why Should You Do It?

Retargeting Gone Wild

This blog post is inspired by the January DFWSEM meeting on retargeting with speakers Shelley Ellis and James Moore. Before we answer the question in the headline, you probably want to know what, exactly, is retargeting? To put it simply, it is online search’s second chance. When users visit your … [Read more...]

I Want My Wikipedia Back: Or, What the Hell are SOPA and PIPA?

Wikipedia Protests Privacy

So, you’ve noticed that black box over Google’s name on the search engine today, but you haven’t had time to click to find out what’s going down. (Which makes me feel awesome that you’re taking the time to read this!) And, you completely flubbed the trivia question about ambergris (whale barf) … [Read more...]

Google’s ‘Search Plus Your World’ + Your Website

you are here

Earlier this week Google announced a major update for logged in users that they dubbed “Search Plus Your World”. SEO’s and Social Media Marketers almost immediately reacted negatively to the news viewing it as an aggressive push for Google’s own social media network. Protesters claimed it is … [Read more...]

3 Tips and Tools for Efficient Web Development

Image courtesy of Mozilla

This is the first in a series of posts on efficient web development. Subscribe to our blog or check back for future updates and posts. At WrightIMC, we’re always looking for ways to improve our productivity. Whether this means optimizing code, or debugging errors more rapidly—efficiency is … [Read more...]