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There are no “Shortcuts” in Integrated Digital Marketing

Founded in 2007 by search engine marketing and social media expert Tony Wright, WrightIMC provides clients with unparalleled results for all types of marketing projects. WrightIMC brings the best people, resources, tools and project management together to provide consulting and integrated marketing solutions for select clients. We don’t work with everyone, only those who are as committed to success as we are. We take pride in delivering more than expected – often what was thought impossible. No project is too big for the WrightIMC team. And we can knock the small projects out of the park as well.

Our Services

At WrightIMC, we work hard not to be labeled – but it still happens. Some folks think of us as “those search engine guys.” Others see us as reputation management experts. We even have one client that thinks we’re the go-to people for their barbecue eating needs. Read More »

About Us

Integrated Marketing Communications – the IMC in our name – means integrating all the right communications tools so that they work together in harmony to create a competitive advantage, boost sales and profits, save money, drive traffic, and promote a brand. An easy task? No way. Read More »


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